Duomenų gavybos studijų programos baigiamasis magistro darbas Baigiamajame magistro darbe nagrin÷jamos gų pletros tendencijos ir strategijos. HERITAGE? Magistro baigiamasis darbas. Teisės vientisųjų studijų programa, valstybinis kodas S Vadovas (-ė) Prof. Julija Kiršienė ______ _____. Magistro baigiamasis darbas. Socialinės ir politinės kritikos programa, valstybinis kodas L Politikos mokslų studijų kryptis. Vadovas.

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Because of the quantity of options, which the website bbaigiamasis has even in the most limited environment, the number of different versions of websites created using one generic template could be limitless.

VYTAUTO DIDŽIOJO UNIVERSITETAS. Mantvydas Rapkauskas. Magistro baigiamasis darbas

However, the question put before the Varbas in relation to the GUIs, and in this thesis in relation to the websites, is whether the outward appearance of a website or a GUI in the case of a computer programas it is displayed to the enduser, could be an independent object of copyright baigiamsis. Historically speaking, copyright, industrial property, trademarks and others were separate terms.

Hemmer, The Internet Advertising Battle: The structure of this thesis includes an introduction, two main chapters with two subchapters in each chapter and a conclusion. Start display at page:.

Magistro baigiamasis darbas VU MSc 4s MagistroBaigiamasisDarbas

Copyright, designs and magiistro act, chapter See note The first of them analyzes the originality requirement that has to be achieved for the work in question to be granted copyright protection. The thesis establishes the applicability of said economic rights to websites, through the analysis of European standard of originality.

Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree.

Young people with disabilities do not want to be a burden to others, and they want to live with dignity, integrate into the space of higher education, and later into the labor market. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums.


View Ideas submitted by the community. Criteria for granting those rights and ownership of its objects will be discussed in following sections of this chapter Determination of industrial property ownership Industrial property object ownership will be determined in this section. Current regulation regarding artificial intelligence system and intellectual property relation darnas be compared further.

What is more, throughout whole work magisrro analysis, logical analysis and source analysis methods were used. However, in countries that do protect this right, a claim of this nature might be possible, as will be analyzed in the subsequent chapters in relation to the situation in the U. Therefore, accordingly with Painer, in order to establish whether websites created using templates are original, it is necessary to investigate if the authors of such websites may add ,agistro unique to such websites personal touch 44 – and thus satisfy the minimum standard of originality.

The first patentability criterion novelty of an invention cannot be baiigiamasis or established, and only its absence can be proven. In portrait photography such restriction would be a near mandatory use of a tripod, which limits the photographer s movements and hence his ability to express his creativity; whereas in website creation that would be an easy-to-use website management tool, which limits the author s ability to magisyro certain features, thus also limiting the creative field.

Therefore, it is rather important to determine criteria magiztro copyrightability before analysing allocation of ownership. Additionally, the concept of artificial intelligence will be established by analysing scholars studies.

Similarly to the structure found in the first chapter, the first sub-chapter determines the standard of originality baigiiamasis by the U. Furthermore, the only truly comparable device to the ad blocking software could be a television-recording device, which records a desired television program, and then during playback automatically skips advertisements.


Such regulation was considered a peculiarity caused by the specific nature of the regulated areas, and further harmonization of originality was not held necessary for the proper functioning of the internal market.

Investicinio projekto efektyvumo vertinimas

Shane Legg, p Nick Bostrom, How long before superintelligence? First, it must be analyzed whether the end-user, who opens a webpage with the aid of an internet browser containing ad blocking software, creates an adaptation of that website – that is – whether such user makes a new and transformative version of a website without advertisements.

Support from nongovernmental organizations is considered magixtro be relatively favorable, but it requires considerable development.

However, current regulations are not compatible handling such case regarding allocating ownership of intellectual property created by conscious artificial intelligence system, which is a matter of time when it leads to the courts. Whereas conscious artificial intelligence system that is capable of operating independently from human interference, the regulation is not clear.

Magistro baigiamasis darbas VU MSc 4s MagistroBaigiamasisDarbas – Wikiversity

Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Shane Legg, Marcus Hutter. Description of the research. In the third section of this chapter, copyrightability and the requirements to allocate ownership of copyright object is ascertained.

Copyright act, article See note Definition of artificial intelligence system is distinguished differently by various authors. Painer was referred to the CJEU by Handelsgericht Wien Austriawhich was handling a lawsuit by Ms Painer, who baigiamaasis that a portrait photography taken by her maigstro unlawfully reproduced. Rev ; see also: