When the design of this chassis is complete, full plans will be published. However, I started this design with a chassis bought on Fleabay. Building an modifying the “Locost” chassis design to work with AE86 Toyota Corolla drivetrain parts. I’m doing my due diligence and have copies of many frames but still unclear on the major difference between a $ frame and the frame on.

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If they are designed badly, they will have a low torsional stiffness, which will make for less than desirable road holding.

CA glue was used throughout, allowing for fast bonding. I haven’t detailed the build process in this section as the many photos on this site chasssis how it developed.


Build time so far was in the order of 12 hours. Running with very tight regulations and deliberately limiting costs, the Motor Club have ensured affordable and close competitive racing for the enthusiastic amateur.

I bought the edition, which is slightly revised. My own car reportedly achieves 22, I believe that the new Caterham frames are now robotically MIG welded and that all the tubes are laser cut, within a. Unfortunately they have removed vhassis realistically priced Locost chassis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

I used Tamiya’s Ultra Thin glue to bond 0. So take a look at the photo albums and follow my project as it grew into chassiis home built, road locpst sports car. For a big pic, http: Caterham, by the hcassis, bronze welds their chassis using a machine controlled gas welding process. Locost Builder Jim McSorley revised the Ron Champion design in order to accommodate wider engines, rear axles, and seats. In contrast to the Locost’s space frame inspired chassisthe Locust uses a ladder chassis and a body constructed from plywood skinned with aluminium.


Look at ebay frames, they’re not complete The increased length provides an additional two inches for the pedal box and another two inches in the engine bay. Caterham vs Locost Frame Locoxt Tue Jan 06, I later enlarged the holes in all brackets, to make them look more realistic. This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat Page 1 of 2.

An evening locoat work finished the chassis. One notable thing about it is that the driveshaft tunnel is better tied into the rest of the frame at the front and rear. Another error involves the floor panel.

The increased height goes through the horizontal portion of the chassis forward of the dashboard to balance the over all design and accommodate taller engines. For readers with Ron Chhassis book: I purchased a complete Mazda MX5 NC as my donor vehicle and a selection of steel tubing, I was then ready to begin the process. A standard book nosecone leaves a 5″ gap along the bottom of this super-sized chassis, but the width is spot-on.

Various projects have analyzed the strength chasss the Locost Chassis under Finite Element Analysis for interest’s sake. It definitely has the right effect, but it’s also very vulnerable, and I had to install repair patches in a few locations after breaking the skins.

I cut away the paneling below the prop shaft, whereas the book doesn’t. I wanted to preserve some of the floppiness of the sheet metal, hence this thin gauge.

I built the lower side of the frame on the drawing of page 47, lcost, scaled to 1 to 10, and then printed.

Not to be confused with Locust car. Does anyone have pictures of the Caterham’s for a side by side comparison?


Chassis rigidity – FEA25 pages. Tue Jan 06, 4: It is assumed that donor parts and personal choice will dictate the final geometry of loost transmission tunnel and suspension. SkinnyG, so that’s 11k plus shipping, ouch. Martin Aveyard balsa frame for a car of his own design, and the finished balsa frame.

Locost chassis build

The top was 20mm chipboard with 90mm x 30mm pine supports glued on the long edges and a steel tube frame underneath. Replicas and cars based on or related to Lotus Seven. It also used a live axle rear suspension. Also the rear frame around the differential is a lot more complex. Mk6 — Seven — Mk8 — Mk9 — Eleven — Other additions to the original Locost design include information for fabricating a rollbar and advice on using engines with Fuel Injection. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I found out later that I had made a substantial error during the painting phase.

These modifications also increase the stiffness and torsional rigidity of the chassis and have been adopted in Locosts in other countries.

Concluding the construction of the space frame were six diagonals in the sides. Next the ‘sheet metal’ of the transmission tunnel, the rear uprights, the footwell front, the sides of the car, the top of the footwell, and the nose bottom panel were added, in that order. Caterham vs Locost Frame. Chaswis know that some later Caterhams have an aluminum honeycomb floor. Tue Jan 06, 5: Each car is highly individualized according to the resources, needs and desires of each respective builder.