I will be coaching a limited number of students in You can contact me by . My goal is to help the community side of daygame here, not the business. Such blogs are still valuable moral support for guys near your level. Here’s my flags in order of collection. In all cases there was full vaginal sex.

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I absolutely intend to re-read this and pull as much value out as I can, once my pace of reading slows down next year. Mr Zero Man March 21, at 8: High confidence coupled with the late night environment, Krauser flirted her out with his funny side of life, managed to get her number and went with her back home.

As he whistled his favourite tune ideas were already beginning to filter through. He held his breath, threw his arms wide and closed his eyes. This has made Krauser cut a niche for himself from being a typical pickup artist to an established one today. His first function is Extroverted Feeling FeAfter that comes Ni future oriented Because of his extroverted feeling. Do you even know why europe was in the dark ages? I believe the following:. Do you plan to write a book on inner game?

More qualified than any economist. Just to contextualise my general worldview this might help. They are the formulas for producing great lines. If the proprietors of said blogs wish to change the one-paragraph summary I wrote them from memory without double-checkinglet me know in the comments.


There is no krauer or defence for bigotry, let alone should someone who holds those views promote himself as an authority on human behaviour. I like to walk around alone with my thoughts, stopping occassionally to talk to a girl.


My bird at the time told me there was a ninja museum within day-trip distance of Nagoya, in the Iga province their old base. Focus is narrative-based, expressing how it is to live the life.

Flags – 40 | Krauser PUA

Is that a escalation on her part? I open about half my sets with a hat on. Nomad77 August 31, at Daniel January 16, at Hey guys, Ian here bought both books, mastery is amazing any more in pipline? How come free market capitalism was implemented in Britain rather than other places despite of such ideas being present? OK, money is not the end of all, but his message is also reaching a far wider audience. For example, he takes a shine to a washerwoman employed at an inn where he has his rooms.

Cruel As A Cat begins with poor young James Clayton hidden in shrubbery on the moors at the peak of summer while a manhunt rages around him. Too many guys in the community have this SECRET animosity and hatred towards each other, where they bottle up for years upon years.

Monday, July 30, Nick Krauser Facts. While we can all see the direction this story is taking, less so our dull-witted hero. Well clearly you know I disagree fully about the look matter thing.

Is there any way to go and read your blog from the beginning rather than endlessly scrolling down? This whole book was as smooth as butter with delightful pacing, precise language and suitably colourful characters. Look at any university, the working class go to the rubbish ones and all of the top universities are full of posh kids, they are not smarter its the elitism which gets them to places. In case of any problem I can do translation for you, too.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Getting laid and telling war stories. None of these situations occur often but forewarned is forearmed.

You want to pay attention to who your legitimate competitors are, and what they are saying. I agree with Imran, Islam taught that the wolrd was round, that the sun moon and earth all orbit, yes the sun does orbit its called the solar apex, that there are atoms and sub atomic atomic particles, and described the effect of space travel on the human body, and much much more, things which have only been discovered by modern science.

Probably the most personal blog for openly discussing inner game issues and private thoughts. His approach does not rely on looks or outward displays of wealth and status or even money.

Justin Wayne could be staging all of his approaches who knows, but the guys infield videos on youtube mirror what I experience in real life with fairer skin women. I can tell you from personal experience that us black men have to use an entirely different type of day game using comfort, humor, with a lot of kino to see if shes down.

Does Rollo discuss this or similar stuff? John Creasey has now written nearly books, and in essence this extraordinary achievement is a testament to his penetrating observation and understanding of human behaviour. Chris M February 28, at 3: The dead martial arts [3] insulate the students from the consequences of their unrealistic training, to create paper dragons.

Four years ago I was you.