Ph.M. Kanarev: [email protected] The Kuban State Agrarian University, Department of Theoretical Mechanics. 13, Kalinin Street, , Krasnodar. PLANCK’S CONSTANT AND. THE MODEL OF THE ELECTRON. Ph. M. Kanarev. The Kuban State Agrarian University. Department of Theoretical Mechanics. Before finishing this unexpected essay let me reflect on what came to my mind as I was reading Kanarev’s paper again. I was thinking about similarities between.

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Quantum Mechanics in Philosophy of Physical Science categorize this paper. The misbelief formation process was a collective one, and it started before A. Thus, the axioms of Euclidean geometry have proved to be the foundation for all exact sciences. It is enough of criticism of modern theoretical physics already more than. The new technical devices for heat energy as well as energy containing gases hydrogen and oxygen from water will be the prototypes of the future industrial power installations.

The list of axioms is headed by the most important axioms papfrs natural sciences: Request removal from index. The new experimental results giving excess energy cannot be explained and therefore the contemporary theoretical physics and chemistry are in a state of crisis.

Many publications appeared connected the an experimental prove of obtaining of additional energy in various methods of water palers. Electrolysis Of Water and a Video of Electrolysis. In order to understand this essence, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that almost all space information about the world, including the one concerning us, we receive by means of sight and scientific gears due to electromagnetic radiation and, in particular, photons.

The achievements of science and technology are obvious. The Fundametal Sciences on the Way to Unity. It states that the Universe has originated at a certain definite moment like an exploded bomb, which has more or less a pin head size. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without permission in writing form the author.

In this case, coal, oil and natural gas fail to compete with it. Solution is fed from reservoir to inter-electrode space through passage.


Power of Chemical Bonds of Water Molecules Structure of Nucleus of Copper Atom. This book is devoted to the solution kanare these notions. Kanarev has given interesting patterns of its implementation in the solution of serious problems of modern physics.

He took this assumption as an axiom and enunciated a cycle of non-contradicting theorems, which served as a foundation for his geometry. Analysis of Fundamental Contradictions.

From this at once follows, that all theories constructed on mathematical models of geometry of Euclid have the guaranteed reliability. Taking into consideration all above-mentioned facts, I’d like to table the following definition of the notion “axiom”.

The absolute lack of exceptions to this self-evident fact, and the inescapable synchronism of the motion of material objects in space with the passage of time, provide the premise to consider the unity of space, matter and time to be a universal axiom and to use it as the criterion for determining the validity of existing and future knowledge. Official science looks awry at this activity, because such papera conflict with one of the main laws of physics: In the context of this axiom, causality is realized and restored to the micro world.

That’s why he gave a name to his constant, which kanarv not paprrs its physical dimensionality. Appeal to the scientists of exact sciences of all countries in the world 9 4. We saw how a new approach to plot models of atoms, ions and molecules removed contradictions between ideas of physicists and chemists on the role of valence electrons in such a complicated process.

Average power in each section of electric circuit is equal to a product of average voltage, which is applied across this section, by average value papeds current. The models of the electron and the law of formation of the spectra of the atoms and the ions change our notions concerning the structure of the atoms and the molecules.

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Just all axioms of Euclid follow from this property which he formulated, leaning on the optical experiments. Twelve years ago Fleischmann and Ponsthe American electrochemists, obtained additional energy during electrolysis of heavy water. It has been established that the law of conservation of the angular momentum governs Planck’s constant, and due to it the electromagnetic model of the electron is disclosed and the peculiarities of its behaviour in the atoms are explained.

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There are no laws in nature, which could be invariant to Lorentz transformations. He claims at least 10 times but his data suggests more like 4, times more Hydrogen than the Wh input would predict. These results are undoubtedly new as far as the depth of validity and connection with the experimental factors are concerned.

Model of the Electron

Charles Kettering — It is not once nor twice but times without number that the same ideas make their appearance in the world: The analysis of Lorentz ‘s transformations, the equations by Louis de Broglie, Schroedinger, Diracetc. The cul-de-sac state of pappers theoretical physics was manifested when it became necessary to explain ;apers reasons of apparition of excessive energy during various methods of water treatment.

To which we return after a century. New Intertpretation of Relic Radiation. Kanarev’s View Point on the Energy Problem: As the modern theoretical physics and chemistry are unable to forecast the experimental results, it leads to unproductive expenditures for the investigations.

We find that Schrodinger’s equation leads inevitably to a probabilistic interpretation of a particle’s behavior.

The analysis of the estimation of theoretical physics in general and quantum mechanics in particular performed by the most prominent physics of the 20th century shows that fruitfulness of further development of theoretical physics is constrained by incompleteness of exact science axiomatics. Science Logic and Mathematics. The importance of this principle was briefly and fully determined by American physicist J. As we have demonstrated, the symptoms of pappers delusions in physics began to manifest at the turn of the last papegs, and at present the global size of these delusions wins international recognition.

October 30, Earlier Books by Prof.