Kamo no Chomei was a poet and recluse who lived eight centuries ago. He was one of the most important writers of the early Kamakura Period. Kamo Chōmei, also called Kamo no Chōmei, (born , Japan—died July 24, , Kyōto), poet and critic of Japanese vernacular poetry, one of the major. Japanese chronicler Kamo no Chomei compiled hermit tales.

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Kamo no Chōmei Quotes (Author of Hojoki)

I might imagine the cloud of fire-flies to be the fishing-fires at Makinoshima, or the rain at dawn to be the patter of the leaves driven by the wind. The disciple had food deposited near the hut and adhered to his promise to never approach the hut or let others do so.

The place is called Toyama. Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed. The Kamo Festival Aoi Matsurioccurring in the middle of the fourth month, was considered the most important Shinto event and is vividly depicted in literature of the time, most notably in Chapter Nine of The Tale of Genji.

Be the first to learn about new releases! Though householders brought out their goods into the street and besought people to buy, like beggars with no sense of shame, yet no one would even look at them, and if there should be any ready to barter they held money cheap enough, but could hardly be brought to part with grain.

And of those who wished to get on in the world who would stay in the former capital? Along the west wall I built a shelf for holy water and installed an image of the Buddha. Since I forsook the world and broke off all its ties, I have felt neither fear nor resentment.


If I compare it to the cottage of my middle years it is not a hundredth of the size. He was thoroughly trained as a poetic artist, and his abilities soon won him grudging recognition from the court and eventually, an official post, in spite of his humble origins.

To give away fame and wealth, the source of boundless craving; to hide the performance of good actions which have chimei meaning in themselves and which are not done in anticipation of a possible reward; to leave our environment in order to reduce to the minimum our attachment to the world.

Kamo no Chōmei

This article possibly contains original research. What wonder that in the capital, of all the temples, monasteries, pagodas and mausoleums, there should not be one that remained undamaged. The ordinary roads were bad enough, but in the slums by the river-bed there was not even room for carts and horses to pass. It is a cottage of quite a peculiar kind, for it is only ten feet square and less than seven feet high, and as I did not decide to fix it in any definite place I did not choose the site by divination as usual.

And as to friends they respect wealth and prefer those who are hospitable to them, but think little of those who are kindly and honest.

And as it was not far from the river bed there was some peril from floods as well as anxiety about thieves. So it is with man and all his dwelling places on this earth. When I hear the hollow cry of the pheasant that might be mistaken for a father or mother hallooing to their children, as Gyogi Bosatsu’s ka,o has it.

Chomei wrote the essay An Account of My Hut Hojokiin which he describes the advantages of a life of isolation and tranquility compared to the turbulence, hazards and upheavals of city life. Over the sliding doors on the north side is a little shelf on which stand three or four black leather cases containing some volumes of Japanese poems and music and a book of selections from the Buddhist Sutras.


I commit my life to fate without special wish to live or desire to die.

At the time, the Upper and Lower Kamo Shrines owned large amounts of property around the Kamo River, northeast of the Heian capital Kyotoholding great power and prestige among the aristocracy. Contents 1 Life 2 Hojoki: And the natives of the place were full of complaints over losing their land, while the new inhabitants grumbled at the difficulty of building on such a site. It is admired as a classic literary and philosophical work. cuomei

Kamo no Chōmei – Wikipedia

I have only recorded those easily understood stories of people of our country, which I had occasion to listen to. And when there is added to this those who perished before and after this period, and also those in the River-bed and Shirakawa and Western City quarters, they must have been almost beyond count. It may be a little troublesome perhaps, but it is much easier than depending on others and looking to them to do it. But I have built mine for my own needs and not for other people.

And the mountains towered over it to the north while the sea hemmed it in on the south and the noise of the waves and the scent of the brine were indeed too much to be borne. Beggars filled the streets and their clamor was deafening to the ears.

Why have I wasted precious time in the recital of these useless pleasures?