Subscribe · Contact us; Quick links The Ikhwan al-Safa’ (Brethren of Purity) were the anonymous adepts of a tenth-century and assimilation of their monumental encyclopaedia, the Rasa’il Ikhwan al-Safa’ (Epistles of the Brethren of Purity). Rasa’il-e-Ikhwan-us Safa (Epistles of Brethren of Purity) have been considered an encyclopaedic work of 3rd or 4th century of Islam. This work consists of The name Ikhwan al‑Safa was assumed by a group of libres penseum who cultivated .. The Ikhwan al‑Safa supplied us with data which enable us to construct.

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With the death of the body the real life of the soul begins.

We are reminded in this case of the artificial satellites and of the fact that they lose all weight as soon as they leave the zone of the gravity of the earth. The story concerns a Barbary dove and its companions who get entangled in the net of a hunter seeking birds. Among us too there are merchants, artisans, agriculturists and stock breeders.

Good, for the masses, is that which religion has enjoined, and evil, that which religion has prohibited. Their content has been transmitted and developed by subsequent thinkers of various persuasions. These laws are dictated by the wise men of every people for the benefit of their respective nations. The approach is more than an echo of the well known Aristotelian division of philosophy: To geometry belong the mysterious or magical figures, the smallest of which is composed of nine squares in three rows.

There are debates on using this description and other materials of Rasa’il that could help with determination of the identity, affiliation with Ismaili, Sufism, But the ancients noted that the planets have complicated movements: The punishment was the fall of the sinful souls to our earth, to be tied to individual bodies in order to atone, by undergoing hardships, pain, and sorrow, for the sin they had committed in their heavenly abode.


The Rasail Ikhwan as-Safa

It is discussed in terms of the relationship between soul and body in Epistles 27 e 28, life and death in Epistle 29, and pleasures in Epistle There are, however, numerous ambiguities, due to language and vocabulary, often of Persian origin, and to mistakes in the transmission of the text. For them, purification can be reached by following prophetic revelation with the help of reason.

These spheres, which are eleven in number, vary in the thickness of iihwan shells, in proportion to the magnitude of the planets with which they are inset. Even animals are subject to the effect of music.

Ikhwân al-Safâ’ (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Only the will to create pertains to Him. Epistles 6, 16 and The form is more important, since bodies are different because of their forms, their matter being in many cases the same; but matter is theoretically older. The development of research in this direction was encouraged by the pioneer study, Fierropart.

After the completion of the third month the foetus comes under the influence of the sun, the king, of the planets, and life is breathed into it. The version of Plotinus’ Enneads possessed by Muslims was modified with changes and paraphrases; it was wrongly attributed to Aristotle and called Theologia of Aristotlesince Plotinus Saga remained mostly unknown to the Muslims by name.

Chapter Ikhwan al-Safa | A History of Muslim Philosophy Volume 1, Book 3 |

Evolution rests on the view that every kingdom constitute the primary matter and nourishing material for the next higher kingdom. The Pythagorean idea of the one as the principle of numbers, and not as a number itself explains that God is iohwan origin of beings, and not a being like others.

In spite of the commixtion of Aristotelian and Neoplatonic ideas — e.

In some cases, they have even preserved the only Arabic fragments of Greek authors known to us, as exemplified by the well-known case of the story of Giges from Plato’s Republic in Epistle And they have distinguished them and observed which [cities] are under it’s [i.


Aristotle, Introduction to Aristotle Selectionsed. The early Greek thinkers conceived of the universe as one living being in which the phenomena and powers are correlated and governed hierarchically by a single general law. The order and character of emanation were as follows: The soul is prepared in this world through the medium of the body for the hereafter.

Epistle 40, III,5.

Its aim is to demonstrate the existence of a God who created the world and who will bring it to an end. Rather than a magician centered world peopled with spirits that the magician can command, the celestial spirits play a key and exalted role in the Cosmos itself. The epistle then discusses the decoration of a celestial temple, “They attired the twelve zodiacal signs with their names.

Islam is considered by them to be the religion par excellence: The three kingdoms mineral, plant, and animal are made of wafa intermixture of the ikhwah elements.

When Adam realized what he had become, he was filled with boastfulness. Epistle 51 duly gathers up the threads of the whole, followed by Epistle 52 on magic. On the practical side, children are more apt to master the arts, sciences, and ikhawn of their parents than those of strangers. Only the will to originate pertains to Him.

But we can find other aberrant listings, for example, Picatrix Ikwan II, ch. And when it was favorable for them to keep with those conditions and to scrutinize what befell them [the cities], they waited for the star to come into some of these dignities and they began construction of a temple for that star in the city for which this dignity had been determined.