Pier Luigi Ighina Atomo Magnetico Pdf Download DOWNLOAD: pier luigi ighina atomo magnetico pdf pier luigi ighina la. Twice-nominated Nobel Peace Prize systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo, has stated that, “the fundamental furnishing of the universe is information. Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, ,

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E i monopoli cosa fanno? Tutti quegli errori che si verificano a causa degli operatori e dei programmati sono dovuti al fatto che gli uomini sono sempre uomini e non extraterrestri.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. At twenty-two hours we decide to leave work in peace and we go to dinner. Ayomo the most important property of these atoms was not only that they could unite themselves with each other, but that they could raise their motion and the one of the adjacent atoms with the cooperation of other magnetic atoms.

Within this rhythm or pulse, the rhythms of everything existing on Earth – both animate and inanimate – are enhanced. While we continue to keep our eyes fixed on the “magnetic stroboscopio” that pulsates febbrilmente its light and its magnetic flux, some people get excited by not far in fields, where light of the device made it difficult observation firmament. He claims to have used some equipment he built, but magentico here Extraterrestrials who know something He, therefore, would have the task of planting the seed act to sprout in the hearts of men to make them best.

Si sente dire che non manca molto al finale e che tutto procede bene.

Pier Luigi Ighina – Wikipedia

Only by variation of atmo field itself he was able to project some of these conditions through it. Pier Luigi Ighina has been a co-operator of Guglielmo Marconi and shared his most secret experiments.

His unorthodox theories on electromagnetism are not recognized by the scientific community. These atoms appeared to have a reproductive permanent motion which was much faster than the others.


Pier Luigi Ighina (Author of L’atomo magnetico)

The DC current needed for the coils to create the field is passed through some very powerful potentiometers. He was successful in isolating these atoms from the magnetic demonstrating that they would not move anymore without the contact with the magnetic atom.

In a complicated mode this rotation of the funnels around the saucer would give the saucer motion and eliminate the resistance of the air. In fact, in Dr. While the natural soil would hold the nutrient substances even for years, the chemical ones would loose almost all of their nutrient substances, and the first strong rain would flush everything away. Poi Ighina si accorge che qualcosa non va nel funzionamento del dispositivo.

Once he managed to project the image on the ocular of the microscope, he could add another in series.

And that is what he did. I can say to be sure, having noted the “magnetic stroboscopio” through the lenses of sunglasses polaroid I was also seemed to see how the scoppiettii of light along the spire. Magnteico will be the last to andarcene.

Pier Luigi Ighina

ERIM can also energize foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables and meats by placing them level with, and about cm in front of the green spirals, using a non-metallic support, if necessary. Today he is convinced of being a “planned” and that his task is to bring pursuing an important mission, that of regeneration of humanity into the well. In fact, the conical spiral of energy so he says instead of his condense potential on the tip, disperdeva here to there in small scattered secondary tips on spire.

Nobody [ sognerebbe of rubarle ] because no one seriously believes that it is really lunar material because they say that Ighina is “crazy”. In relation with the planetary magnetic field, he says that if you put two planets too close to one another, the interference between the two rotating magnetic fields will cause a variation of them. As previously said, with this machine and his theories he was able to change a peach tree into an apple tree.


Tuttavia, per il suo carattere fraterno, per il suo spirito familiare di buon romagnolo, perde tempo prezioso in una calorosa accoglienza. Il freddo arriva a sopraffare anche gli espedienti improvvisati. He was successful in that and so, leaving the apparatus for a whole day tuned in into the vibration of a certain matter, the next day the apparatus had slightly changed its vibratory rate, and so had done the matter itself.

He is convinced that without the magnetic field no reaction at all could take place, and thus no life could exist. Ighina however, with an amused smile says that this is unimportant and not to worry. The signal start from the sky in a clockwise motion; remember that. Those lights become increasingly accented as evening falls.

Indeed, human errors are unforeseen schedule. In order to go on other planets, we need to create the same magnetic mahnetico as we have on earth. Meanwhile seeing strange phenomena. On every hole there is a piece of a plastic colored tube, every one with a different color disposed in a particular order.

He then tried to melt metals at a distance, and during these experiments he discovered that the faster an atom, the more it attracts another atom. As soon as the normal continuity of vibration is reinstalled, the fever stops. In short, his influence would flow throughout the surrounding area causing unusual phenomena in all electrical appliances.

Abuse evil of Knowledge. However, according to a statement by him, the magnetic field created by the “Magnetic Stroboscope” would lead to repercussions up to a radius of thirty km.