The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open- source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows. Save the date! Essentials¶. Download! About · License · FAQ · Security Reports. Source Repositories¶. General Information · Trunk · · Documentation¶. Configuration files which load modules are now placed in the /etc/httpd/conf. modules.d/ directory. Packages that provide additional loadable modules for httpd.

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This cross process mutex can be implemented using a variety of different mechanisms and exactly which is used can vary based on the operating system.

How do I run Apache httpd and Tomcat together? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. This seems to resolve the problems in most cases. By default, if number of threads is not explicitly specified for a daemon process group, it will be multithreaded.

Which mechanism is used can also be overridden in the Apache configuration if absolutely required. Whether a WSGI application is executing within a multithreaded environment is important to know. Although this has a section which appears to indicate what preprocessor options the server was compiled with, it is a massaged list. It’s a very common thing to do this, I’m a little surprised you’ve had a hard time finding instructions. I’m not sure if this adds to the complexity but I am running both services thru xampp with tomcat being a xampp add-on for portability purposes.

Email Required, but never shown. This check has various subtleties and how it works varies depending on the platform used. Feb 10 One such difference is whether a specific Apache child process uses multiple threads for handling requests or whether a single thread is instead used.

And for honesty’s sake, I haven’t tried a single step on running them together for the same reason of being hesitant to update configuration files. WSGI applications can run in either embedded mode or daemon mode. As such, it uses a series of checks to try and determine where the Python installation is actually located.


To verify what exactly what is compiled in statically, you can use the doc option to the Apache executable. In the case of Apache 2.

The main such option is the -V option. Not only does this indicate what features of Apache have been compiled in, it also indicates by way of the –enable-layout option what custom Apache installation layout has been used.

Index of /dist/httpd/docs

It can also be worthwhile to check that the Python module search path also looks correct. Read the Docs v: I know that I can just stop my Apache service whenever I am working on JSP but hey this is an oppurtunity to try something new and I just can’t let it slip.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. There are a couple of ways this can be determined.

This will be a value made up from the name of the virtual host or server, the port on which connection was accepted and the mount point of the WSGI application. In the case of embedded mode, the WSGI application runs within the Apache child processes themselves.

Apache 2.2.15 released

Further, it would really be convenient for both services to just run automatically on startup which would really increase my productivity as I won’t have to manually switch between services when needed. Either way, you should check the Apache configuration files as to whether either AcceptMutex or WSGIAcceptMutex directives are used as they will override the defaults calculated above.

Dofs you’re really just testing, skip the second step and just access the server via a different port for Tomcat. In this case, if multiple installations of same version of Python in different locations, may find the system installation rather than your custom installation.


This seems to vary between what Python installation was used and what MacOS X operating system version. The contents of the file is:. The names reflect that which would have been used with the LoadModule line in the Apache configuration and not the name of the module file itself. If the AcceptMutex directive is defined in httd Apache configuration file, then what ever mechanism is specified will be used instead for Apache child processes.

Index of /dist/httpd/docs

rocs If you want http: By default, the Apache configuration files would een specify a specific mechanism, and instead which is used would be automatically selected by the underlying Apache runtime libraries based on various build time and system checks about what is the prefered mechanism for a particular operating system.

If you are reading this document because you have been directed here from the mailing list, then ensure that you actually provide the full amount of detail obtained from the checks and not leave out information. For where it is found but it is a different installation to that which you want used, subtle problems could occur dpcs to C extension modules for Python being used which were compiled against that installation.

Tomcat Version is 6.

This document details various such checks that can be made. For each run the -t option on the Apache program executable. Under normal circumstances neither should be set as default would always be used.

The port however is actually dropped where port is 80 or I wish I remembered which instructions I followed when I did it myself.