I wrote recently about S-curves (or Sigmoid Curves) as a way of Charles Handy (in The Empty Raincoat) used S-curves as a way to. Handy went onto describe the Sigmoid Curve, the curve which explains so many of our present discontents and confusions. The curve describes the ups and. the sigmoid curve, here is one of the best management models on managing It was developed by Charles Handy, the Irish-born management guru who.

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The second curve – Leadership & Flow

Other roles are more important at different times of life. This is a time of overlap, or ambiguity and of confusion. However, the most successful among us know that the alternative is an inevitable decline through gandy three of the curve.

When all is well and you are at the top of your game, then you know it is time to plan your exit. Before you would leave everything behind and jump out from your current position do the followings first: Please enter your comment! Building on Life Cycles The challenge to those who live through natural life cycles is how to create new life from existing life rather than to go down with the existing cycle and having to start from scratch again. But the only way to success is to push through this initial phase, to keep going and to know that this persistence will eventually curev inevitably move on to phase two of the Sigmoid curve.

Part of the response to this dilemma is that you can never know when that tipping point is reached, until well after the fact. Most had not maintained their position; some had gone under. The right place to start the second curve is at point A where there is the time, as well as the resources and the energy, to get the new curve through sigmoir initial explorations and flounderings before the first curve begins to sigmooid downward.

At the same time, hqndy decided to restructure the school day by staggering lunch breaks into five sessions. Surfing the Sigmoid Curve Successful individuals and organizations are self-reflective and constantly monitor their own position on the Sigmoid curve.


While the end of an organization is inevitable, the time and place when this happens is not. siymoid

Another Sigmoid moment Teresa talked about was when the senior leadership team with governors started thinking about succession planning. Subscribe to Our Feed! Organizations have opportunities to renew themselves, to innovate their services and products, to change their business model, and to gain a new lease on life.

This cyclical motion affects every area of our lives. The first curve can give money and thee till the 2nd curve starts kicking in. Riding the first curve while cultivating the second is always the best option. This can be very hard to do, because just as you are reaping the rewards of your work and application, you find yourself at the bottom of another learning curve. Csikszentmihalyi, his flow theory and his Good Business book came into my mind.

Actually this is what we are doing here with FLIGBY — we are helping leaders to — beside getting to know themselves better — understand how they can build a flow promoting environment that enhances the flourishing of individual skills. Teresa initially joined as a deputy headteacher when the school reopened, before becoming headteacher. Going Up Instead of Down The Sigmoid Curve is named after “sigmoid”, the Greek word for the letter “s” and represents the curve of a new life cycle emerging from an existing one, much like an “S” on its side.

Get out of the bubble you are living in and meet more people, even strangers who are very different from you and who can inspire you. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Clinging to the first and trying to prolong it is a pointless waste of energy. Having become one of the first teaching schools nationally, Teresa explained that The Compton began running a wide range of teaching and learning and leadership programmes for London Schools, while at the same time working alongside some of the best schools in the country. This entails more pain, since growth always involves pain to some degree.

He views the essential paradox of this renewal and innovation in this way: This helped the school to manage an increase in pupil numbers, ensuring calm breaks and lunchtimes, and therefore, calmer lessons afterwards. It is against the natural order to embrace change when all is going well but, when you plan it right, it is the best possible time because you have time, resources, and morale on your side.


The last few years have seen schools place a growing emphasis on pupil well-being. Every living thing has a natural life span.

Renewal, Innovation and the Sigmoid Curve – Randel Consulting

Perhaps for several years, those involved work to make contacts, learn the right skills, and develop a roadmap for success. Before you start plannig your second curve, you must know who you are and what your priorities are. It may be that the first curve is longer than was thought, in which case you can keep cruising along until you are indeed nearer to the peak.

Rather than the lifespan of an organization looking like a bell curve, this renewal brings about renewed growth and performance — this creates the shape of an S curve, known to mathematicians as a Sigmoid Curve. So how do you promote — and model — dissatisfaction with the status quo and a quest for innovation and improvement? With current uncertainty over education policy after the general election, I was interested to hear what Teresa Tunnadineheadteacher of the Compton School in Barnet, would have to say to us at The Key in her talk on future proofing through school leadership.

But preparing for the second curve too early is far better than waiting until it is too late and the decline has set in. Even countries and empires rise and fall in cycles. The Pros and Cons of Drinking Beer.

The second curve

Schools out — 10 best things about the end of term …. In evolution, it is ape-man, pre-historic man, modern man. He used short stories and metaphores in helping us to get a deeper understanding of his philosophy.

We see things in terms of separate chunks of beginnings and ends: