Standards. All GE panelboards meet the latest revision of the following standards . —National Electrical Code-Ref. Article —UL67 panelboards: UL BuyLog® Catalog. Molded Case Circuit Breakers. Rev. 9/ Prices and data subject to change without notice. Section 3. Industrial Circuit Breakers. GE Fastrac Program Service. —Fastrac A-Series® Panelboards: Fastrac shipment of A-Series® Panelboards A – A is available for select main and .

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GE Aftermarket Catalog

Also used as extended length drive rod when standard inch rod is not long enough. A pa ir of relay contacts co nsist s of one up per and one lowe r con tact.

One shield supplied with switch as standard. The pushbutton cover accessory consists of transparent hinged covers that can be individually sealed to the limited access assembly.

The door interlock is defeatable with a small tool to allow authorized access. GE Fastrac Program is one of the broadest, fastest quick-ship programs in the marketplace.

GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

buyolg The bell alarm is provided with one SPDT switch with control power duty contacts as shown in the auxiliary switch accessories. These accessories are field installable wiring are prewired to dedicated, secondary terminal points on and upgradable. The shunt trip is continuously rated and requires no cut-off switch. Rev pages Our new format in this latest edition allows for maximum convenience and access to the information you need to serve your customers.


Refer to the table buyllg for the appropriate Class Buylot Fusing Kit. When electrical operation is used, either a shunt trip or an undervoltage release must be ordered separately. Inside enclosure depth may be reduced to these depths while maintaining electrical spacings—requires cutting handle shaft. The bell alarm may be reset manually by depressing the mechanical target, or automatically by closing the switch.

Adds 9mm to width of switch. It cannot be used to build product numbers. For Two-pole applications—Use two poles of three-pole switch. For ampere, copper conductors must be used. All switches are prewired to dedicated secondary terminals for easy field installation.

Test Button — simulates buhlog actual ground fault and will trip switch off unless “No Trip” button is depressed prior to pushing test button.

Electrical Operator The electrical operator mounts inside the front cover of the ubylog operated switch. This repository may not contain the latest catalog information. Rated Short-time Withstand Current Icw, 0.

Three required for line or load connections on three-phase bus. It is suitable for control interlock schemes in which manual closing capability would not be convenient or desirable. The bell alarm switch operates identically to the standard bell alarm module, except that the mechanical pop-out target must be manually reset before the switch can be closed.


And, for added security, a standard padlock device lets you Quick, Error-Free Installation of Universal Accessories prevent accidental or unauthorized bujlog of the switch. Each lug kit includes lugs, straps and hardware for threephase line or load connections. Breakers bolt on to the mounting modules. Green OFFRed ONprovides visual indication regarding the —Shunt trip and undervoltage trip targets are clearly displayed by position of the switch contacts.

The auxiliary switch does not distinguish between a “tripped” or “open” condition. The remote close accessory is continuously rated and has an anti-pump feature, which prevents a motor operated switch from repeatedly closing into a fault. The ampere switch, being 3 inches wider, may require some modification. Accepts Anderson VersaCrimp when lugs are removed from straps. GEPN pages Add 1.

The bell alarm response is configurable by means of rearmounted DIP switches on the control unit.

GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

Order from pages or E Neutral Current An overcurrent, shunt trip, or UVR trip can be set to fraying on high short circuit currents and repeated operations. Quiktron R-K Electronics R. Just slide them into place.