Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A former submarine commander in Britain’s Royal Navy, Menzies must enjoy doing battle. The amateur historian’s. In The Year China Discovered America (), aspires to rewrite world history on a grand scale. He maintains that Gavin Menzies)four Chinese fleets. On 3/8/, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. by Gavin Menzies by Gavin Menzies The Devil in the White City by Erik.

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Linux Tools for Monitoring and Peformance. These voyages were under the command of gavkn eunuch Admiral Zheng He Cheng Ho and were brought to an abrupt end by a return to traditional Imperial policies of self—containment. Shortly after it set sail, the emperor died. I have to say that I enjoyed reading this book, if only because it made me so angry at the gross inaccuracies and completely imaginary scenarios that the author made up.

Since there is evidence of Sino-European contact during the Roman period, and both populations had enough density to be cauldrons for the same diseases, why didn’t supposed Chinese contact with Native Americans or Australian Aboriginals result vavin devastating plagues?

Menzies shows that Europeans who visited India came into contact with the Chinese and brought maps gvin to Europe.

His depiction, then, does not represent mere scene setting aimed at engaging the reader—a rhetorical tactic that perhaps does not call for footnotes—but assumptions read back into the narrative itself.

I’d be very much interested in reading a rebuttal by a group of qualified historians. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Pseudoscience: Gavin Menzies: 1421 The Year China Discovered The World

Especially since the European influence has been stronger, even if it was not as nice as the Chinese who “colonized” America first. Former British submarine commander and amateur historian.

Also the remains of a culture on the Florida coast being dated well before the first clovis point.


Geographischen Gesellschaft in Wien mezies They just never really told anyone. Since only Chinese ships possessed the latter, it is generally assumed that Conti actually described Chinese vessels, evidently without knowing their origins.

Comment on Gavin Menzies, The Year China Discovered the World

They stole maps from the Portuguese a capitol crime at the timeand then altered the maps to fool the Spanish into thinking the Western route to the Spice Islands was shorter so they would finance Christopher’s expeditions. He says, basically, that the fleet split up and then sailed, literally, everywhere else in the world. A lot of his research comes from his own experience as a submarine captain, which he thinks puts him in a better position than other scholars before him.

Read Foucault’s Pendulum, which features the same sort of wild connect-the-dots game and also has going for it that it is fiction.

The Year China Discovered America by Gavin Menzies

How Da Vinci Code tapped pseudo-fact hunger. It is true and always refreshing to be reminded that “The more we know, the more we come to understand how little we know. Menzies also claims DNA evidence of Chinese intermixing with aboriginal populations around the world. So this is a long time coming. What a story this is! In any case, I was willing to go along with him at first, but it became apparent pretty quickly that things were spiraling out of control.

Gavin Menzies and the Chinese Discovery of America” in the Journal of World History, Junewhere Finlay shows that there are no “lost years” in Ming dynasty sailing, and so Menzies’ book is completely without foundation.

This book is pure speculation havin on the experiences of one man with no background in history.

Out of only sparse details, Menzies would assert “conclusive proof” that his theories gzvin finding relevance. OK, those are mostly my own stumbling blocks. All of this will be well known to historians and cartographers engrossed in the enormous body of literature generated by the discovery of the New World.


The use gavjn these phrases, in my view changes this from a serious historical investigation to a game of join the dots. Menzies takes a tremendous dump on the sensibilities of his readers, bombarding us with outrageous claims backed up with erroneous facts and arrogant speculation.

Based on these presumptions, Menzies creates an incredible scenario: Menzies focuses on maps of the world made before the European explores were born and points to journals showing that Columbus, Magellan, Cook, and others had maps of the areas they were “discovering” before they ever set sail. That night, we had a huge number of new subscribers and sales of the book in Australia trebled, making it the biggest-selling history book in that country.

How Not to (Re)Write World History: Gavin Menzies and the Chinese Discovery of America

Where did these 141 come from? The worse the battering he gets from historians, mezies more people want to know what the fuss is all about. But shifting firmly entrenched belief that old European explorers were first to the Americas ta Sure has plenty of hearsay gsvin conjecture, and some entertaining theories put forth by Menzies, most of which can’t be backed up with factual evidence at this time.

Tan Ta Sen, president of the International Zheng He Society, has acknowledged the book’s popular appeal as well as its scholarly failings, remarking, “The book is very interesting, but you still need more evidence. For example, there is plenty of written and physical evidence that the Chinese were trading and sailing to the East African coast.