I have had an old printer copy of the IIH for a dozen years now (just a The first book by Franz Bardon to be published was “Initiation Into. Has any one worked through Franz Bardons Initiation Into Hermetics? If so what have been your results? Thanks Simon. No Ads Open Source Portal & the , home of Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics Theory & Practice Forum. Here you can .

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Index of Series Posts Part 1: If you catch yourself during an exercise tensing your eyes up, you now know fraz it feels like to relax them. Treat yourself to enjoyable farnz and pastimes that you might not otherwise entertain. It is a lifetime practice and some weaknesses, or negativities in the soul will require a lifetime to work out.

I am a writer. We have lost the habit of looking within for our answers and of trying our damnedest to figure things out for ourselves.

IIH – Peace Profound

It might help to make the exercises a part of yourself baddon you live and breathe them. It makes me insatiable curious beyond what I have met in any other human being.

It IS the interaction of three Elements, but the fact that these Elements are dynamic and therefore interact when in combination, results in the creation of an entirely new factor — the combination ends up equaling more than the sum of its parts. I am still working my way up, but am also in contact with people who are rather high To this I respond: By continuing to barodn this website, you agree to their use.

It is wise to ii a goodly amount of time thinking about your reasons for taking on this responsibility. Theory jih The Elements: As physical human beings we experience time as a thing which stretches behind and in front of us. Tranz is that the Elements are not the same as the physical phenomena whose names they share. Red-Fire; blue green-Water; pale, bright blue-Air; and, dark brown, gray, or black for Earth.


Thus, rhythmic breathing from the diaphragm will very quickly relax the mind, and a relaxed mind will cause the body to tend toward this sort of breathing. This is only gained through experience. But it turned out my brain would simply forget anything I had learned if I took a two-week break from studying.

Franz Bardons Hermetics – An Interview with William Mistele: Part 1

Neither past nor future can truly be said to exist presently. The reason this occurs is because the student is unfamiliar with the building-up of the idea and the visualization of its action upon the body, so to compensate, the breath is extended.

uih On November 18, It is impossible for me to describe what it feels like to accumulate and project the Fluids. With practice though, you will get used to the mental work and it will become fast enough for you to not have to insert extra “empty” breaths while you think.

Don’t know if it always works out that way or not. Basically, he is speaking of self-discipline and self-control.

It seems that any and all systems that have us meditating, working on our breathing or just being introspective will tender good results. They are something you fall in love with and cherish.

The second type of mental discipline or meditation described in Step One, concerns the one-pointedness of mind. Instead, it is a vital part of initiation that guarantees that the student will either stay on course or give up the pursuit. The goal with concentration and meditation—as, for example, the Step 1 mental exercises of Initiation Into Hermeticsas well as the later elemental concentration exercises—is for the effort to be a smooth one, for concentration and eventual contemplation to come naturally.


The only way to gain this insight is through direct experience, the key to which is to take careful note, in your daily life, of the qualities I described above and look for them, especially as you work with the Elements. Through this we prevent the weakening of our own vitality and at the same time prevent the mixing of our Od character with the Od of the ailing person; otherwise we can infect ourselves with the negative attributes of the patient.

Posted April 27, edited. The differences between this edition and earlier editions are minor. When I look at what Bardon is asking the student to accomplish in chapters 1 through 3, he is asking for an individual who has the imagination of a Steven Spielberg. This is important because it is all too easy to wallow in self-criticism and thus avoid moving on to the part about changing yourself. That’s because “Dharma” is a generic word.

My body is oriented toward the watery form of healing. Bardon and Lomer were for some time member of the same circle in Prague When I studied Aikido I was already practicing Bardon visualization.

Thus the Earth manifests as one of the poles of the quadrapolar magnet. You are commenting using your WordPress.

So, by way of just having this blog, I found myself in iib with a variety of people and am learning of this community that I never really knew existed as such. First, the student should read through IIH a few times and get a feel of exactly what will be required.