Le jardin d’épicure. Anatole France cendres, une dernière cigarette élevait tout droit sa mince ont subies en vingt-huit siùcles d’usage, les lettres qui. C’est du moins ce qu’il dit dans les lettres qu’il écrivit, sous l’archonte Charinus, à Polyænos. train ordinaire et t’accommoder de la plus mince façon de vivre ; commence, fraternise avec la Je te renverrai à Épicure: c’est lui qui te soldera. simple summer EPICURE SELECTIONS® MAY A U G U S T / 2 0 1 2 C AT A L O G U E TOP 6 COLLECTION The perfect.

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Post on Apr views. Includes all the Epicure products you need to make our famous Extraordinary Cheese Dip! PromiseWe promise that Epicure products will turn you into a better cook and that your cooking will get rave reviews from family and friends, or well refund your purchase. Contact your Consultant for full details to exchange or return any item!

Contents6 Garlicky Dill Topper6 Ses. V xes 22 Se. J 40 5 Ways with the Chipster41 e. S np e with EpicureSummertime means blue skies, warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine. Its time for us to head outside, bask in the sun, and enjoy the longer days. Our theme is ”simple summer” and Epicures quick solutions such as Cook Once, Eat Twice tips can help you do just that. Try our new Toppers they are the perfect nishing touch and add fast avour to your favourite foods!

Whether you love the beach, backyard or boat, Epicure has everything you need to spend more time outdoors with family and friends and less time in the kitchen. Summer is precious to Canadians, and time with family even more so. Thats why I started Epicure fteen years ago. Since then, Epicure Selections has given many Canadians a little more time lettrs the table by providing them with the tools to make quick, tasty, and nutritious meals.


Were so proud of our Consultants, our Canadian success story, and oering our products that enhance your homes and your kitchen tables. So let summer inspire rpicure.

Try to grow something new in your garden or discover a local farmers market. Whether Im at my house in France, or back home in Canada, I love to buy fresh, locally grown seasonal produce to use with Epicure herb and spice blends.

After a long winter, there is nothing more pleasurable than feeling the summer sun. Let Epicure help you keep it simple and take you to that wonderful, happy place called summer!

Epicure Fundraiser Your recipe for fundraising success! A healthy new twist on fundraising! You can raise urJs. Together they make Epicures most popular hot dip. The organization you choose keeps. You too, can be part c O stc. Invite your friends, family, neighbours, and even your dentist. Youre working and socializing!

Brit Books

It doesnt get much better than that. Oh wait it does! Connect with a Consultant! Complete the Consultant Agreement. Youll also get education and development support from your Llettre. Its easy to join and easy to grow! Create your own hours.

Why Epicure is so irresistible! One taste and youre hooked! You wont epicuee these products anywhere else A c. Work for yourself, full-time or part-time SucceeJ cr ycu. JJ ou ck, epifure. Try topping your favourite sh, seafood, and creamy pasta dishes, too.

Smoky Bacon Baked PotatoGenerously shake over sour cream-topped baked potatoes. Sesame Slaw Generously shake over prepared coleslaw. Asian Noodle SaladGenerously shake over your favourite take-out noodle salad. Sesame Shrimp Generously sprinkle over pan-fried or barbecued shrimp. PastaGenerously shake over your favourite pasta dish. A popular blend of cheese, herbs, and smoky vegetarian bacon. Top baked potatoes or burgers. J barbecues or late-night movies.

EPICURE – Summer Catalog – [PDF Document]

Add to fondues, scrambled eggs, and cornbread. Kosher 98 g 3. Try prepared dip as a burger spread. JJ t s be peppe. Kosher 90 g 3. Kosher 79 g 2. Kosher 43 g 1. A great dip for breaded shrimp and veggies. Kosher g 3. Kosher 88 g 3. Gives a boost to tomato sauces, mncr, and chicken dishes.


AJJ tc ou c es, c. Kosher 41 g 1. Use dry mixes to season meats or spice up potatoes and veggies for your familys dinner. Add to pancake batter, or make an easy glaze for meat. Kosher g 5. Kosher g 6. Kosher 49 g 1.

Kosher g 4. Each jar makes up tc 14 cups 3. Use mix to season lamb, meatballs, and falafels. Use to season baked potatoes and scrambled eggs. Give a sweet summer touch to mixed salads, especially those topped with fresh fruit.

A sprinkle makes tender greens and steamed vegetables sing. VinegarsDress up your salads all summer long! And dont be afraid to use the White b. Experience a dierent avour every night! Je c cus sauce for meats, rice, or steamed vegetables.

Kosher 67 g 2. Add delicious, aromatic spice to oatmeal, cereals, cakes, cookies, and loaves. Kosher 66 g 2. Kosher 80 g 2. Kosher 64 g 2. Try on pork, chicken, and duck. Try a dash in cream soups, curries, and on roasted root vegetables. Kosher 60 g 2.

Je from ower buds. Use sparingly to stud ham and pork. Kosher 39 g 1. Kosher 35 g 1. Add great avour to beans, lentils, and hummus. Give J s es. Kosher 62 g 2. Traditionally used to season egg dishes, sh llets, steamed vegetables, and pastas. Kosher 10 g 0. No good pizza sauce should be without it! Kosher 20 g 0. Try in beef, chicken, and lamb marinades. Kosher 61 g 2.