The HB Pulse Oximeter provides a simple universal tool for patient monitoring – from spot checks to continuous monitoring. All monitoring data can be. The Edan HB Pulse Oximeter includes a choice of Reusable Edan SpO2 Sensor (recommended standard: Adult), four (4) AA Size Batteries (# ). Product Description. The HB employs EDAN SpO2 technology. Its pocket- size design makes it extremely suitable for spot-checks and EMS use. Compact & .

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It is reminded that the product shall be used strictly complying with this manual. The user shall understand that nothing in this manual grants him, expressly or implicitly, any right or license to use any of rdan intellectual properties of EDAN.

EDAN holds the rights to modify, update, and ultimately explain this manual. EDAN may define as user serviceable. Terms Used in this Manual This guide is designed to give key concepts on safety precautions. Table of Contents 1 Safety Information Do not use the Failure to cover the sensor site with opaque material in high ambient light conditions may result in inaccurate measurements.

To avoid shock, the caregiver should eadn hold the oximeter while using a defibrillator on a patient. Disconnect the oximeter and sensor from the patient n100b magnetic resonance imaging MRI scanning.

HB Pulse Ean readings and pulse signals can be affected by certain ambient environmental conditions, sensor application error, and certain patient conditions. See the appropriate sections of the manual for specific safety information. If you do not hear the POST pass tone, it indicates the alarm system does not work well. Do not immerse or wet the sensor, as this may damage the sensor. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the oximeter, the cover should only be removed by qualified service personnel.

Do not spray, pour, spill liquid to the oximeter A potential hazard can exist if different alarm presets are used. This equipment is not intended for family usage. Civic Office, or the shop where you purchased the product. HB Pulse Oximeter will not operate oximerer dead batteries. The sensor unconnected icon eean associated alarm indicate the sensor has disconnected or wire fault. Notes lximeter identified by the symbol shown above.

Notes contain important information that may be overlooked or missed. This device has been tested and found to Wash the probe with clean water after disinfecting it to remove any remaining solution. HB Pulse Oximeter Oxijeter Manual A functional tester cannot be edn to assess the accuracy of the pulse oximeter probe or the pulse oximeter monitor.

If there is independent demonstration that the particular calibration curve is accurate for the combination of a pulse oximeter monitor and a Authorized representative in the European community Date of manufacture Manufacturer Part Number – 12 Oximerer Pulse Oximeter User Manual The symbol indicates that the device should be sent to the special agencies according to local regulations for separate collection after its useful life.

Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. It displays oximetef, pulse rate value, plethysmogram, bar graph, etc. The icons for sensor unconnected, sensor off or weak signal are displayed on the right of Information area. Only pulsw of them can be displayed at a time.


The ID icon and the icon that indicates the memory space is full are displayed in the Information Area. Down Arrow Button In the menu state, pressing the Down Arrow button can choose different items, and decrease the value of some parameters. Press it repeatedly to make a parameter decrease by more than one. An extension cable can be used between the oximeter and the SpO sensor. Install the battery compartment cover. To check the performance of the battery, follow the procedures below: Disconnect the pulse oximeter from the patient and stop all monitoring and measuring procedures.

Disconnect AC mains and allow the pulse oximeter to run in the measurement state until it shuts off.

The operating time of a battery reflects its performance directly. If the operating time of a Ni-MH rechargeable If there is an error during the POST, the following error codes will display on the screen In menu state or trend state, if there is no operation for 30 seconds, the oximeter will return to measurement state. In measurement state, if there is no measurement data and no operation for 10 minutes, the oximeter will turn off automatically. The interface edann as below: Figure Data Transfer State 3.

HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual Figure Menus The menus are shown above and the details for each item will be introduced in the following sections. Adu for Adult or Pediatric patient or Neo for Neonatal patient. Press the Function button to enter setup state, then use the Up Arrow or the Down Arrow button to choose, then confirm it by pressing the Function button.

You can set the Sensitivity to Hi or Low via the dean. HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual system for seconds the pause period can be set to 30, 60, 90 or s by the user, see section 3. But the visual alarm is still active.

For example, if the measured SpO HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual mode are set to 95 and 90 respectively; while they are and 90 in Adu mode respectively.

Set the SpO alarm limits as follows: If the value of SpO2 Lo Alarm is set to less than 85, it will restore to 85 after the oximeter is turned on again. If the ID exists, the following confirmation dialog box will pop up.

Figure Confirm to Cover Data 3. Figure Memory Space Full 3. Choose this item by pressing the Function button, a dialog box pops up as follows Return to the previous menu by pressing Return in the menu.

Edan Handheld Pulse Oximeter HB + Adult SpO2 Sensor Probe | SSS Australia

Orange indicates the device is being charged. Green indicates that the charging is complete. Physiological alarms Physiological alarms, also called patient status alarms, are triggered by a monitored parameter value that violates setup alarm limits or an abnormal patient condition.

High level alarms Indicate that the patient is in a life threatening situation and an emergency treatment is demanded. The icon displays in information area. Make sure the alarm system in menu is ON. Although SpO readings may appear normal, an anemic patient oximeted be hypoxic. Correcting anemia can improve arterial oxygen content.


The oximeter does not require calibration. If service is necessary, contact qualified service personnel or your local EDAN representative. The safety and maintenance check can be conducted by personnel from this company. Disinfecting Clean the pulae oximeter before disinfecting it. The recommended disinfectants include: It can perform spot and continuous measurement for a short time. The system consists of Central Processing Unit, Signal Pulse oximetry works by applying the sensor to a pulsating arteriolar vascular bed, such as a finger or a toe.

The sensor contains a dual light source and a photonic detector. HB Pulse Ecan User Manual The oximeter determines SpO by passing red and infrared light into an arteriolar bed and measuring changes in light absorption during the pulsatile cycle.

Red and infrared low-voltage light-emitting diodes LED serve as light sources; a photonic diode serves as the photo detector. HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual Wavelength The sensor contains LEDs that emit red light at a wavelength of approximately nm and infrared light at a wavelength of approximately nm. Functional Versus Fractional Saturation This oximeter measures functional saturation-oxygenated hemoglobin expressed as a percentage of the hemoglobin that can transport oxygen.

This usually occurs because the calculated y100b If a product covered by this warranty is determined to be defective because of defective materials, components, or workmanship, and the warranty claim is made within the warranty period, EDAN will, at its discretion, repair or – 71 EDAN will not provide a substitute product for use when the defective product is being repaired.

If you have any question about maintenance, technical specifications or malfunctions of devices, contact your local distributor. Alternatively, you can send an email to EDAN service department at: Only the battery of mAh capacity meets the UL requirements.

H100B Pulse Oximeter

The customer or the user of the oximeter should assure that it is used in such an environment. HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual interruptions, it UT for 5s is recommend that the product be powered from uninterruptible power supply or a battery.

HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual than the recommend separation distance calculated from the equation applicable to the frequency of the transmitter.

HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual maximum output power rating of the transmitter in watts W according to the transmitter manufacturer and d is the recommended separation distance in metres m.

Field strengths from fixed RF transmitters, as determined by an electromagnetic Interference may occur in the vicinity of equipment marked with the following symbol: NOTE2 These guidelines may not apply in all situations. Electromagnetic propagation is affected by absorption and reflection from structures, objects and people. If the measured field strength in the location in which the oximeter is used exceeds the applicable RF compliance level above, the oximeter should be observed to verify normal operation.