Volume 2, July – December The Absence of Initial Investigation Process in the Draft of Indonesian Criminal. Procedure Law (RUU KUHAP). Chandra M. Ministry of Law and Human Rights a draft revised KUHAP has been prepared and is 1 to depict a comprehensive scope of provision of the draft KUHP and KUHAP, as well as the significant .. Proses pembahasan RUU KUHAP ,. Institute for.

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Nevertheless, has some fundamental flaws of liberty is very hung them at the mercy of the State. In Marcha draft was submitted to the DPR, and was deliberated alongside other significant draft laws, including a draft criminal procedure code. We will contact you if necessary.

The media has covered deliberations, and there has been critical engagement from kugap civil society organisations like the Institute for Criminal Justice Reform ICJR and Hukum Online. Commission III of the legislature, which is responsible for reviewing and discussing the legislation, has said it is swamped with work.

Fuu system was once owned by our country as a former Dutch colony accordance with the principles of concordance. Yet certain offences appear at odds with this progressive approach.

draft ruu kuhap pdf reader – PDF Files

But this task remains incomplete. That is highly unlikely, however, given support for the punishment in Indonesia — the DIM does not contain any record of opposition to the inclusion of the death penalty.

It sets out guiding principles and factors to be considered by judges in sentencing.

It therefore also likely to be a much nastier affair, especially regarding offences relating to social and moral issues. The need for a new criminal code was recognised at senior levels by kuahp early s. The dravt of the death penalty is one such example. Predictably, the greatest quarrels have been over offences relating to social and moral issues, such as the definition of adultery Article The draft contains innovations, such as the introduction of non-custodial sentencing, yet the death penalty is retained.


Indonesia’s long wait for its own criminal code – Indonesia at Melbourne

User Username Password Remember me. Article of the draft code, however, stipulates that the KUHP will be the default source of criminal law principles for offences contained in any other law, unless otherwise specified.

To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short online video. That discussion — what should be criminalised and how — is likely to be a process that will be played out in the public sphere to a much greater extent. kuyap

There is broad agreement that the draft revised code is a significant reform and will provide the basis for improvement in the criminal justice system. Can I borrow kubap item?

Can I view this online? Can I get a copy?

Browse titles authors subjects uniform titles series callnumbers dewey numbers starting from optional. The Goverment in an effort to reform national criminal procedural law through Ruk Criminal Code proposed by the Ministry of Justice intends to overcome the deficiencies contained in the pretrial institutions by replaced them with judges agency commissioner has the authority more concrete and comprehensive.

Indonesia at Melbourne is supported by: Working groups were appointed a number of times over the years but they did not produce reformist proposals and, in any event, their work did not lead to new legislation.


The code is split into two.

DPR dan Pemerintah Sepakat Pasal Zina Tetap Diperluas dalam RKUHP

In conditions like today, it is very difficult to expect passage monitoring system using a model judge commissioner, if the model judge these commissioners to be applied in accordance draft Criminal Code then the implication is reshape the entire order of the criminal justice system today, to be returned to the system of European traditions Continental as never apply in advance at the time of entry into force Reglement Strafvordering Rv.

These are important reforms. It has previously complained about the complexity of reforming the code, given its size it contains articles and scope. The contested nature of the drafting process has resulted in unsatisfactory compromises, uncertainty, and contradictions.

The code also contains provisions aimed at reducing short-term imprisonment, including alternatives to imprisonment, such as supervision and community service.

Menuju sistem peradilan pidana yang iuhap dan adversarial: Further, it contains provisions relating to corporate criminal responsibility, providing room for prosecution of company directors and board members. Request this item to view in the Library’s muhap rooms using your library card. There are also offences that limit free speech, by criminalising insulting the president, government and other public institutions. Andi Bau Malarangeng, Jurnal Vol. The definition of adultery is expanded to apply to unmarried persons and cohabitation outside marriage is made a crime.