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He does not cite a third article “Did Diodorus Siculus take over cross-references from his sources? Ambaglio’s is more of the old school of source-criticism, emphasizing that the primary value of Diodorus’ work is to have preserved significant remains of innumerable lost Greek historians.


storicw Only his penchant for moralizing on the role of Fortune in human life is sometimes pointed out, as are his fixed formulas for changing from one theatre to another.

Bertrac et traduit par Y. The preface explains that the riodoro volumes of historical commentary will be assigned to different members of the research team, according to their particular interests and expertise, the first to be published being the commentaries on Book 13 by D.

It is no accident that the next section is entitled, “La ‘Biblioteca’ e i frammenti degli storici greci. Looking for beautiful books?

Biblioteca storica. Testo greco a fronte

The last three listed above do not reprint the Greek text, while the Loeb edition reproduces a modified version of the Vogel-Fischer text. The ambitious nature of the project results not simply from the length and varied nature of the text — the fifteen complete books run to something overwords, and include five of the six books devoted to prehistory ‘archaeology and mythology’, in Diodorus’ termsas well as the continuous annalistic narrative of events in the Greek sphere of knowledge from to BCE — but more particularly from the complications caused by the work of nineteenth-century Quellenforscher on Diodorus.


This introductory volume to the whole project aims to be “not. Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, dish washers, and washer dryer. Greek history B. A similarly balanced attitude towards traditional and revisionist Diodoran scholarship can be seen in the stkrica introduction to the first volume of the Rusconi translation.

Here are two quick and easy ways to find eligible items: Princeton ; idem”Diodorus and his sources: The most notable are: Storjca de estratti 3.

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Certain topics necessarily occupy a prominent place in both introductions: You receive free shipping if your order includes at least of EGP of fulfilled by souq items.

One would hope that later volumes of the commentary might attempt a better balance between the traditional and the revisionist poles of Diodoran scholarship. Cash on Delivery Pay for your order in cash at the moment the shipment is delivered to your doorstep.

In so doing, the authors have clearly been influenced to a degree by some scholars’ attempts in the past half-century to step away from the narrow focus of Quellenforschung and take a more unitary approach to Diodorus. La cronologia diodorea 2. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Una biografia impossible ma non insignificante 2.

Free Shipping All orders of It is interesting to note that M. The inauguration of this comprehensive historical commentary thus offers an important opportunity to summarize the results of these two different streams of Diodoran scholarship, whose proponents often seem unable or unwilling to engage seriously with the implications of one another’s opinions, with a view to producing a more coherent synthesis.


As noted above, not only the length of Diodorus’ World History but also the complexity of the compositional problems it poses necessitated that any such enterprise should involve a team of scholars. Reviewed by Catherine Rubincam, University of Toronto catherine. The challenge for this introductory volume must therefore be to provide a summary account of scholarship on the Bibliothecawhich will serve as a guide for both the contributing scholars and their readers to the “common methodological framework” that is said to underlie the whole project.

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Biblioteca storica di Diodoro Siculo – Diodorus (Siculus) – Google Books

Een historisches kommentaarBrussels ; P. Landucci Gattinoni, one of the contributors to this volume: Surely a historian who is an indispensable source for so much of Greek history from until B. Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday! Landucci, reviewed in BMCR Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting. Second, given that the postulated sources of the Sorica survived only in fragments, if one assumed that Diodorus preserved faithfully the essence of the earlier writer’s narrative, one could reconstruct that lost work with fair assurance.

Diodoro Siculo

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