Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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Princess Nina [] It’s time to travel east to Winlan. Nina introduces Ryu and Master to Cray that helped her in finding the spare parts. You can’t win, so just throw useless attacks until Nina suggests that one of the soldiers escapes to get help. Will the Light Dragons emerge to bring peace to the world?

You should explore every bit of it before going. That deals 15 HP damage. Each hit will cause the demon’s size changes either becomes too big or too small.

That is when Goda appears. Then cast attack up on Karn and Ox and have her heal and attack. Begin heading along the dirt path leading northeast.

At the West Continent, Fou-Lu is completely recovered.

The party members are in a deep well with a ladder so climb up. Head back to the old man and he will give you advice. When the world was at the brink of destruction, a warrior stepped forward.


Breath of Fire IV Part #53 – Chapter LII: Of Gods And Men

Work your way up each floor. There is a prisoner for exchanging the stone. Get them and go to the fourth floor. When his dragon spell techniques are acquired, Ryu beath a much larger force to be reckoned with.

Have Ryu turn into a Thunder Dragon detohado regularly attack. Now the gate is closed, go across the gate and climb the ladder to a treasure chest for Vitamin. After collecting that, head down the following staircase. Talk to all the mice and then talk to the one guarding the doorway and he will move. Now head into the north east house and talk to the doctor.

Breath of Fire 4 (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Return to where the faeries were and go down to the lower ground and go southwest to a deotnado ground. Now follow the path to the south, and you’ll soon come to another switch.

Head back downstairs and take the bottom staircase. She also explains further that Ryu’s body is incomplete where the other half is elsewhere. Equip it on either Ryu or Bo and step on breeath only other transport tile on this platform.


Head northwest and go through the black space. Go to the middle and down the ledge and press A. Their store has some interesting stuff in it.

This battle also gives a nice number of Exp and Gold.

Breath of Fire 4 (e)

Surprisingly, it’s a shield. The chest contains another Charm. Inside the cave is a maze-like passage with death ends. Head inside and give the man your I. If your at least level 6 then he will be easy. Don’t worry this will soon end. Beyond the doorway is a treasure chest containing Light Wrist. Use the same strategy as last time to beat them.

While the party is on the way getting the item, Scias goes back to Rudia and give all the information he got to Icory the old man in Rudia Castle.