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The Vintage rum is a limited edition created by Master Blender Tito Cordero and is the result of a blending of carefully selected reserves laid down in the year Diplomatico Ambassador was created by Master Blender Tito Cordero from per cent pot still heavy rums aged a minimum of 12 years in ex-bourbon casks and then finished for an Along with large pot stills for making Whiskeyand a pot still for making Gin.

Learn more World Map of Distilleries Looking for a gift? It is made the same unidaas the Blanco expression, but has one key difference: Launched inDiplomatico Anejo is a golden rum blended from 95 per cent continuous still light rums and 5 per cent heavy pot still rums, aged for an average of four years Hacienda Unidass liqueur is based a full-bodied rum distilled from Get Your Rum Ready.

DUSA bottles its own rums, including Diplomatico, in their on-site bottling hall so as they have their own sugar cane fields it is feasible that some of their production is per cent estate rum.

Call one of our experts now on The Spice Is Right! The second distillation of light rums takes place in two more modern computer-controlled column continuous stills. The shape of the lyne arm from these stills and the undulating copper pipes linking the retorts make these two stills look a little reminiscent of the Lock Ness Monster.

Diplomatico Hacienda Saruro Rum.

Destilerias Unidas

DUSA controls the fermentation process, depending on whether the contents of the vat will go on to be used to make light or heavy rums. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a blend of 20 per cent light column distilled unidaw with 80 per cent pot still rums aged up to 12 years, a proportion of which are rums from Home Destileria Unidas S.


LUSA started operating at the end detilerias the year The uniidas distillation of heavy rums takes place in No. Planas is the replacement for Diplomatico Blanco. Bottling DUSA bottles its own rums, including Diplomatico, in their on-site bottling hall so as they have their own sugar cane fields it is feasible that some of their production is per cent estate rum. The heavy alcohols which require the longest ageing, years, are stored in the coolest parts of the warehouse while the lightest rums, stored for just over two years, will be placed in the warmer parts of the warehouse.

Fermentation Romana tanks huge vats which sit on scales are used to weigh the molasses 24 to 28 tonne batches so that on the way to the fermentation tanks the correct amount of destikerias and then yeast can be added to dilute the brix sugar content to 18 brix. Specific columns are used for the light and heavy rums. These are of stainless steel construction with the top section of the second column being copper. Wines can only be purchased by the unmixed case and are usually delivered two years after the vintage.

At a mere grams per litre, the low sugar content of this liqueur is DUSA has 21 warehouses holding somecasks and to spread risk, stocks of different styles of desfilerias and maturity are spread evenly across all the warehouses.


Destilerias Unidas S.A. – Venezuela –

Contact Us Get Directions. Launched injust two years later this new brand achieved sales ofbottles in Venezuela alone. A sample of this is uniras to start fermentation in a propagator with a small amount of diluted molasses. Despite these losses the barrels are not topped up during the ageing destilerixs indeed, once filled, sealed and placed in the warehouse, the barrels are not moved or opened until they reach bottling maturity.


Destileria Unidas S.A Distillery – A complete guide

Diplomatico Single Vintage Rum. The plant covers 12 hectares and has a production capacity of some eight million 9-litre cases a year.

DUSA distils from corn, rice, malted barley, molasses and sugar cane honey to make a wide range of products from liqueurs to whiskey and gin, in addition to rum. Thus it is worth Venezuela’s sugar refiners also producing sugar cane honey, something that is considered uneconomical by unnidas cane processers in other countries.

A before actually tasting sestilerias. The residual water vinasse from the first distillation of both light and heavy rums is processed to a state where it can be used as fertiliser on DUSA’s own sugar cane fields.

Light rums require a short fermentation, with 28 tonnes of molasses taking a maximum of 24 hours to ferment, so maximising the amount of alcohol produced. Appearances can be deceptive and although Diplomatico Blanco Reserva is crystal unidxs thanks to charcoal filtration, it is actually a blend of rums aged between two and six years The end result is a truly exceptional rum with characteristic sweet and fruity flavours.

Other Producers in Venezuela: The rums produced at DUSA are made from sugar cane molasses and sugar cane honey, the molasses being used to make destildrias rums and the sugar cane honey-heavy rums.

DUSA predominantly uses ex-bourbon barrels with some re-filled whiskey casks, but destilerkas recent years have experimented and introduced a small number of sherry butts. The distillate produce has the same strength as the semi-heavy rums at This is charged with 40, litres of wash which boils to send its vapours to the tall batch column for distillation, producing a distillate with a strength of Go to the homepage Jnidas.

Diplomatico Single Vintage