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From the incomparable Dabel Brothers, the graphic novel adaptation of Acheron. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron endured a lifetime of kenjon. His human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth. Back against his will, he became the sole defender of mankind Only it was never that simple For centuries, he has fought for our survival and hidden a past he never wants revealed.

Now his survival and ours, hinges on the very woman who threatens him. Old enemies reawaken to unite to kill them both. War has never been deadlier El abrazo de la noche Cazadores de la noche 3. La cara oscura de la luna. Pecados de la noche Cazadores oscuros. El beso de la noche.

Detalles del producto Pasta dura: Dabel Brothers Publishing 30 de mayo de Idioma: These are not your mother’s vampire novels. Disfruta de la noche “La sexta novela de Cazadores oscuros”. The first part of this book is what makes me reread it over and over again.

Then after reading the first part you need part 2 to eliminate the emotional rollercoaster of pain and sorrow that was ash’s life. Kenyon really out did herself with this one. It was the first book I ever read from her and led me down the dark hunter series with great expectations that were always met. While the other books are great none venture or even come close to the darkness of Acheron. I recommend you go to a nice quiet spot and allow Acheron to take you back years to his life as a human.

Grab some tissues and brace yourself as you’re immediately thrown into a powerful story of loss,abuse, misery, regret,and love. I mean love but the author has a serious problem trying to make each Dark Hunters past worse then the one before.

This book almost put me off the series completely. I am not joking when I say it made me sick to my stomach. I didn’t know these books were a contest to see who had the worst life. All I can say is I hope she doesn’t continue with that.

I am going to venture back and buy another book from her but I’m skipping the one about his brother. I wish she would write more about the other intriguing characters in this world. Anyone wanna meet some wolves? I have read only two other books in the Dark-Hunter series. It is a sad fact, and even though I always enjoy these books, I have to take them in small, expended period doses. I did know of Acheron. I’m not that out of the series, but I know I didn’t know him as well as others that read this book.


The only reason I’m mentioning this is because I feel like I am part of the small percentage that went into reading Acheron’s story with little expectations. I feel like this makes my take on the book a little different than others. First off, I liked the first half of the book more than the second half.

The first half is especially dark, depressing, interesting, and emotional. I felt like the first part was sort of beautiful for that. I really got to understand Acheron. I was able to read all those different parts of his life and let it all sink in. My favorite part was when I read his story through his sister’s diary.

That was a great way to start off telling his life’s story. His sister was a shfrrilyn character for the book. She always kdnyon better for him, and it was a little frustrating that it took him so long to understand that, but I guess it made her frustration with him so relatable.

My only complaint about his sister is that too often she was the cause of him getting hurt. She would see him or try to help him, and each time he got punished. I liked her, but I also wanted to smack her for screwing things up for him.

I think this relates to my major issue with the first part. Now I rarely complain about the length of a book or in this case, a partbut things really dragged on. I felt like the author repeated a punishment or misunderstanding or Acheron’s self-loathing too much.

Yes, each hurtful scene was significant, but when it got to be that Artimis was healing him seconds after a punishment, I started to wonder what the point was of describing Acheron’s pain when in only moments it was going to be relieved. I want to make it clear that the painful scenes were really moving.

They were terrible to read and imagine, and watching Acheron’s perseverance even if his perseverance was not his desire really connected me to him. I only wish that the first half could have been cut back a bit by eliminating some accidents or punishments that affected Acheron.

I understood pretty quickly that his life sucked, I didn’t need the meaning to be hammered into me page after page. It started meaning less to me after a while. I wanted to kick Artimis’ butt. I had a hard time understanding how Acheron fell for her, then hated her, then forgave her, then finally got over her. It was like a bad rollercoaster ride between these two. I was sick of them together by the end. I think aherrilyn author had a challenge by creating love between these two when any reader of the series knew what happens to them later.

I tried to understand Artimis, but I just plain didn’t like her, and I hated how important she became to Acheron’s story. So there were things I liked and disliked about the first part.

There were more likes than dislikes, of course. The first half is deep and detailed. Re, it may have dragged on just a tad too much. The punishment scenes that were meaningful in the beginning became less interesting by the end. It just got to be too much when I already got the point. I know she was necessary, but she just ruined my interest in the story more than once. Disvruta to the second half. I won’t get into it as much as the first half because I have less to say.


There was a whole different tone for this part. It almost feels like it was written by a different author. I think the first half set up so many expectations for the second half that it simply couldn’t kemyon. The deep, diwfruta stuff I loved about the first half was gone and replaced with bland humor, unrealistic love, and something boring. I had a hard time liking Tory.

My Krazy Obsession

She was a little too weird for me, yet she had no characteristics that really stood out. I just didn’t see her as being Acheron’s girl.

I didn’t like her friends, she seemed too immature, and her words never sounded much different than Artimis’. The romance went way too fast, and it wasn’t very sexy. Acheron and Tory seemed awkward together, like two puzzle pieces that don’t fit.

They weren’t terrible, but chemistry was missing.

However, their story did keep me interested enough to stay up way past my bedtime. I guess I kept hoping for that spark. Instead of flames, they only created warm cinders. Overall, I do not regret getting this book. Some scenes were amazing and I say that for both halves.

Acheron turned out to be an interesting, sad character. That sadness did not carry over well to the second half though. But I’ve stated my complaints, so I’ll just finish by saying that I wasn’t disappointed by this book, but only because I had no expectations. I do not think I would have set up his story like this, but I am not an author, and even if I was I doubt my version could be as good as this one.

Long but so worth it – Sherrilyn Kenyon is brilliant in writing Acheron’s story. This book brought out all kinds of emotions all throughout reading this book, sadness, happiness, madness, revengeful, hatefulness, excitement, and over joy-ness when it came time to kick some ass. All through this series I have loved Acheron, now I love him even more after reading this book.

Disfruta de la noche

This book told the story of how Acheron was conceived into the human world and how he was shunned from the moment he was born.

It told of the cruelty that was done to him as they turned him into a xherrilyn whore and It tells how he becomes into his Godhood on his 21st birthday. Acheron – the God Apostolos, Harbinger and son of Apollymi the Destroyer – his will is dlsfruta will of the Universe and the final fate of all.