Ecole Centrale Paris, January-February Alexis Giauque Turbomachines are machines that transfer energy between a rotor and a fluid. If the energy is. VKI, ONERA, Ecole Centrale de Lyon (LMFA), Université de Sherbrooke, etc. N. Gourdain .. DNS captures everything, but inapplicable for turbomachine flows. 1 Simulation numérique des écoulements dans les turbomachines F au temps t au cours de la k-i`eme réalisation, la moyenne d’ensemble est définie par .

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Characteristic variables of hydraulic turbomachines. Axial-flow pumps are also known as propeller pumps. ET Simulation of a gas turbine.

HM Kaplan turbine trainer. HM Experiments with a reaction turbine. In axial-flow pumps, the pressure is not built up by the effect of centrifugal force but, like the aerodynamic principle, by the propeller blade.

HM Experiments with a Pelton turbine. Financement Alstom Power Hydro. It will give hands-on practice with methods used for the mechanical design of turbomachines.

HM Experiments with an action turbine.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods Projects will be assigned to the students. Operating principle of a Francis turbine. Experiments with a radial fan. HM Impulse turbine. Gas turbine jet engine. HM Two-stage axial fan. HM Hydraulic circuit with centrifugal pump.


Aérothermodynamique des turbomachines thermiques: 1er complément auc cours – Google Books

Direct numerical simulations of homogeneous isotropic turbulence in a dense gas. Active insulation technique applied to the experimental analysis of a thermodynamic control system for cryogenic propellant storage.

Understanding design and function of the pump; planning and executing assembly, disassembly and maintenance. The flow passes through the impeller in axial direction. HM Comparison of positive displacement machines and turbomachines. ET Gas turbine.

151-2021-00L Hydraulic Turbomachines (EPFL)

In the hydrodynamic transfer of energy the fluid is accelerated by the impeller of the centrifugal pump. References Would you like to check directly with other universities about their experience with the equipment? Gas turbine with power turbine. Sujet du projet Turbines for gaseous fluids tyrbomachines knowledge.

A characteristic of fans is the pressure ratio, which indicates the ratio of the absolute final pressure to the absolute intake pressure. Fluid machinery basic knowledge. Series and parallel configuration of pumps. Axial-flow pumps come with fixed blades and with variable blades. International Institute of Refrigeration; HM Centrifugal pump trainer. Pelton and Francis turbine. Cutaway models of turbomachines. Numerical analysis of the flapping mechanism for a two-phase coaxial jet.


Thermal turbines work with compressible fluids: HM Experiments with a radial fan. Investigation of the pump characteristic of series and parallel configurations of utrbomachines centrifugal pumps. Subgrid-scale scalar flux modelling based on optimal estimation theory and machine-learning procedures. ET Axial steam turbine. Experiments with an axial turbine. HM Experiments with a centrifugal pump. Assembly stand for pumps. ET Energy conversion in a wind power plant.

HL Air duct systems. HM C Characteristic variables of hydraulic turbomachines. HM Characteristic variables of a radial fan. Fans are different from compressors because of their low pressure ratio of max. HM Experiments with an axial turbine.

Financement Institut Carnot “Energies du Futur”. HM Comparison of pumps. Pump characteristics for parallel and series configuration. Experiments with an axial fan. Characteristic variables of a radial fan.