View and Download Comdial DX user manual online. Digital Executive Telephone. DX Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: View and Download Comdial DX installation & maintenance manual online. DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download. View and Download Comdial DX installation and maintenance manual online . DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download.

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Comdial Corporation which made phone systems under their own name was later taken over by Vertical after having declared bankruptcy. The DX receives the disconnect signal from the telephone company and forces the CO line on-hook to release the system resource for other uses. Page COM 1 or 2 only and the baud rate that will be used for the connection. Operation comvial Change Service Mode 1.

Comdial DX-80 Installation & Maintenance Manual

This allows each table entry to be assigned to each COS for CO Lines and extensions differently for these modes of system operation. Conditions Pressing Hold will place a conference on Exclusive Hold if you are the controlling party and you temporarily exit to add another party. The APM4 modules must be installed using the nickel color 2. Extension Feature Status Check The Digital Speakerphone user can quickly determine the status of all user-controlled features.

It is either a directory number or a Feature Code.

This section details these features, which appear alphabetically. Input the current password and then press [show]. Some of the capabilities that the DX Voice adds are: For example, calls that recall to VM can be handled in a unique manner. Press the middle Interactive Soft Button under the in the display. Dx–80 Use the voice mail user guide and audio prompts to retrieve messages and invoke other mailbox operations.

Comdial DX80 Feature Codes

When the Voice Recorder is activated, a connection is established between your extension and the DX Voice system. When DX Voice is added to the DX system, the digital interface has the advantage of adding up to eight ports of voice mail while maintaining a maximum system configuration of 16 CO Line ports, 48 Digital Telephone ports, and 8 Analog device ports. This programming must coincide with the programming of the ancillary voice mail device for the various functions to operate.


When the system is programmed to receive a facsimile transmission on one of these CO line circuits, it automatically answers the ringing line and waits for FAX tone. Single Line Telephone — Flash Single Line Telephone — Flash Single Line Telephones and similar analog devices connected to analog ports of the DX system must use unsophisticated signaling to administer call-processing operations like transfer and hold.

Lamps for the same CO Line that you are using will light steady red at all other DX digital telephones. The display will show: Tenant Group Assignments can facilitate complete isolation of extension functions.

Status Lamp Steady Call Forward active in use Volume Dx8-0 The DX digital speakerphone is equipped with a volume control that you can use to adjust the various volume settings of the telephone. Configuration Voice Mail systems.

Although extension dialing may be restricted across tenant group barriers.

When extensions are assigned to their respective Tenant Group, calling characteristics between these groups can be customized to prohibit calling from one group to another. Page 13 The AAM is then capable of handling four calls simultaneously.

This feature can be used to simplify moves and changes of extensions at any specific location. Your telephone display indicates the Comdiwl Waiting: Page of Go. Mtbf mean-time Between Failure Data: Use of system resources is accomplished only when a valid extension number has been entered and when the password entered matches that stored for the extension number entered.

OHVA uses the speakerphone circuit to accommodate a second conversation path to your telephone.


Voice Mail — Analog Integration The DX system may be interfaced to a third-party voice mail system via spare analog ports. Co,dial program a directory number, press [dir]. Features The DX system has a variety of features designed to provide maximum call handling efficiency and flexibility.


Dial the Meet Me Conference location that you wish to join Power-up Initialization Proper operation of the DX system requires that the system be initialized at the time of start up. When you hear the prompt to enter your password, press the Hidden Code button. Conditions The DX system has speed dial number memory locations that are dynamically allocated to the system use extensions individually via Extension Speed Dial Locations or all extensions system wide via System Speed Dial Locations.

The display will momentarily show the feature status invoked: Once this connection is made, it is possible to connect to the DX system processor and download receive DX Any extension may manually switch the system service from day to night mode, or vice-versa, using the Attendant Administration with the correct password. The volume for this function is now set and will be retained for any future use of this mode. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Access to DX system resources for out-calling is secured by means of verified passwords against the assigned extension number. When equipped with optional voice processing modules, the manyal takes on the characteristics of a mechanically driven computing storage device. A cable restraint clamp is provided and may be used to maual cables exiting the KSU. The DX system allows the Receive Assignment of CO Lines to extensions in a matrix fashion such that complete flexibility is possible. The other two ribbon cables located at the upper center and oriented in a vertical position.