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Raven tensed, waiting for the battery on her senses, but he had closed his mind and all she knew chtistine the enormous strength of his arms. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of It was necessary to find their missing half, the lifemate that would bring them forever into the light. He turned his face up to the heavens reverently in thanks. They were swamping her, beating at her already fragile state. There were no women to continue their species, to bring them back from the darkness in which they dwelled.

Oil and water, don’t you think? Her feet were small like her hands.

His dark, burning eyes found her through the clear glass, found her and claimed her. He was controlling her without contact. She jerked her leg out from under Jacob’s hand.

As the beast raged inside him, threatening to consume him, he vented his centuries-old despair and she answered, a ray of light, piercing his darkness.


The house loomed up, dark, threatening, a rambling hulk of stone. She would not get away from him. She tried not to let her alarm show on her face.

El Principe Oscuro by Feehan, Christine

Males lost the ability to see in other than drab grays and shadows about the same time they lost their emotions. They continually take pieces of your soul. They had no hope to continue. She heard male laughter, low, amused, mocking.

Description Prince of the Night. She sensed she was in danger, grave danger from Mikhail Dubrinsky. She laughed at him, the sound wrapping his body in flames. I feel the toll this way of communicating has on you. Raven Whitney fought the thick fog forcing her eyes closed, making her body heavy.

He had to answer, it was nearly compulsion. But just for the record, don’t try flexing your muscle on me again.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. As he lifted his head the first wave of her distress hit him. Christije found himself following every stroke of the brush, innocent, erotic.

El Principe Oscuro

Her face held a far-away expression, there were lines of strain around fehan full, sensuous mouth. Romance Romance Books English Language: He touched you, put his hand on you. Even with the waiter behind him, desperately working at the Heimlich maneuver, Jacob fell to his knees, his lips blue, his eyes rolling back in his head.


His dark eyes touched her face again, thoughtful, holding a thousand secrets, unmistakably possessive. He had a hard arrogance, an air of complete command. Her bed chamber was one of the rooms with a light still proclaiming she was unable to sleep.

He could feel pain in her and the need for sleep that refused to come. He inhaled deeply, hcristine his mind instantly while all senses flared out to locate the intruder. We have an understanding and are at peace with one another. She cnristine strong, but not nearly strong enough. Misteriosa Aparicion Linda Howard.

Raven allowed her head to fall back against his shoulder with a slight sigh. Featured Videos His race was dying and his soul dark. He liked this young man, knew his family. She was exquisite, beautiful, her skin like satin, her eyes incredibly large, intensely blue fringed with thick long lashes. Her hand clutched his shoulder. He thought of her soft skin, how it would feel beneath his palm, under his body, how it would taste.