These are the steps to configure the Ubiquiti Bullet. Mode of operation that will be connected to a wireless router in the WAN port so wireless router. Like all Ubiquiti equipment the Bullet is capable of being set in any wireless mode – access point, station, bridge, router, AirMax (for P2P/P2MP) AP/station. Bullet2HP, Bullet2-HP by Ubiquiti Networks, High Power GHz bg AP or Client Bridge, CPE, Outdoor, Bullet2HP b/g mW Indoor/Outdoor Access Point / Client Device by Ubiquiti Networks Pre-Configure, Burn In & Test.

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Connect computers to distant hotspot, wirelessly.

Ubiquiti Bullet2HP Installation and Onboard Wifi installation –

TimG – February 21st, Share Share this post on Digg Del. Are you asking how to setup the router?

I still have trouble getting up on plane, etc. Depening on the gain configuratiln the antennas you may need to adjust the power output to suit your local laws etc.

I can read this sentence a couple of ways but I think you are saying that the Netgear Wireless Router is in AP mode and is given a static IP address as one of configruation settings that was defined in the Bullet setup.

First of all, thanks for a very informative article – one that I followed pretty much to the letter. In the Network tab, vullet2hp the following fields to configure the radio in bridge mode:. There are many different specific application scenarios that people are asking about but I feel mine is very common and basic: It’s Ringo’s birthday so PeaceAndLove.


I have a Netgear router too.

Help a noob setup a Bullet 2hp : Ubiquiti

Help, I’m getting frazzled Just make sure what ever you buy is stranded core, not solid core. We also cover common procedures such as “how to anchor properly” or “how to lock through a dam”.

I have a few Bullet 2hp’s that I got for free. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The router was an older one that I had at home, so it was pretty much setup conviguration advance.

At what point do you think adding gain will diminish your signal based on what you’ve found with you antenna?

I attached the wan port on my tplink router to the lan port on the m2. TimG – February 2nd, The Bullet configuration page can the be accessed in a browser by the address http: Published on September 14th, Would I be simply better off just buying a kit from Island Time or similar provider, so that I can rely on a voice on the phone to give me personalized support as I do this?

The Bullet HP’s are commonly used for long distance PtP connections and can accept any N-type antenna from a 24dBi parabolic directional to a smaller 5dBi omni-directional. Poiny see it when we use a verizon broadband card with a broadband router like cradlepoint.


Thank you, Jack, for your helpful reply. For this initial setup, it is recommended to connect the Bullet to a conventional computer, as the configuration is done via browser or to a Raspberry running a graphical interface OS. Let us know what solves the problem! I would imagine that the majority of their customers fall into two categories, those that don’t want to fool with setting a system up, and those that are apprehensive and don’t think they have the capability.


Read the Docs v: TimG – March 6th, Other than what I mentioned above I don’t know what to else to suggest. Since I have installed this I am hearing from folks that have antenna’s above 15db that are not experiencing problems, so I would say up to 15db should be fine.

TimG – January 27th, It should really give you a reasonable range assuming the antenna’s are correct. Originally Posted by TimG. TimG – February 16th, Should Bullet or router or both be password protected? Once again, this can be done with the ifconfig command in Linux.

I think I’ll be able to pick up buullet2hp work wifi on my mooring with this. Ubiquiti manufactures quite a variety of products and once I told the technician what I was doing he walked me right through the process.

I have studied many forum posts, tutorials, how-to’s, and videos and have found these to be pertinent and helpful to my situation: The time now is