This book is now 30 years old and is as rare as hen’s teeth. It is the only book on satsuki written by the Great John Yoshio Naka with Richard K. I recently saw an ad for the California Bonsai Society Convention 55 scheduled for April , The society was founded in by John. Title, Bonsai Techniques for Satsuki. Authors, John Yoshio Naka, Richard K. Ota, Kenko Rokkaku. Publisher, Ota Bonsai Nursery, Length, pages.

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Bonsai Techniques for Satsuki

Copies can still be found but are not cheap. Bonsai Techniques 1 or 2? Bonsai Basho Yamadori Dec 2, I recently saw an ad for the Satsuuki Bonsai Society Convention 55 scheduled for Technisues Bonsai Techniques for Satsuki. For anyone interested in and owning satsuki the book is a must. There is a short history and classification of satsuki, sources for material, a section on the different styles of bonsai, defining the front, branch workhow to shape a bonsai, wiring techniques, how and when to trim satsuki, fertilizing methods and timing, soil mixtures, insects and diseases and finally how to propagate.

Hydroponic Techniques for Bonsai. Books, magazines, and videos.

Bonsai techniques for satsuki

There was an error while thanking. I’d bet John Naka himself would laugh right out loud at the prices it brings nowadays. If it’s less pricey than the other book sites, it’s even better. Please login or register. I have a very hard time believing even if John Naka wrote it the information in such a book is worth that kind of money.


Bonsai techniques for satsuki [1979]

Callahan, sold wherever bonsai books are sold, and get up-to-date information on satsuki care and training. The society was ssatsuki in by John Naka along with a handful of South California bonsai pioneers. Naka needs no introduction but Richard Ota may. When I looked there weren’t any bids in on it yet, I assume it is in Japanese. This book is a collectors item.

It is a good book. Messages 79 Likes 0 Location London. Ota should now be about 85 years old.

Bonsai Techniques for Satsuki | Bonsai Nut

November 12, About 30 have color pictures and the remaining are black and white. The book is in English and meant for the US market. If you’re looking for information on how to grow azalea bonsai, you can techjiques it in more than a few drastically less expensive places. Bonsai techniques 1 Started by dick benbow Nov 29, Replies: Mr Ota met Naka in and learned bonsai techniques from him. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.


If I remember correctly Mr. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. You must log in or register to reply here.

Bill S Masterpiece Dec 3, It was only printed in Japan and there are very few left. Messages 7, Likes 8, Location Fairfax Techniqies.

We have a copy on auction now on Bonsai Basho. Its there if anyone is interested. Besides it made sense since I was about to begin my satsuki fall work and thought the book would be a great review since it is still one of the defining works on satsuki techniques. Forums New posts Search forums. The training methods illustrated are mostly traditional Japanese techniques. General Discussion 8 Feb 24, This is simply a collector’s piece with a little bonsai history in it.

Bonsai Basho Yamadori Dec 3, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you’re a book collector it might be worth it. The book consists of pages.

Secondly yes it is a collectors item but it is bonsao doubt the difinitive book on creating Satsuki bonsai from raw material.