Editorial Reviews. Review. “This thrilling new series mixes danger with demons and romance Blood of the Demon (Demons of Infernum) – Kindle edition by Rosalie Lario. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Keegan lives to exact revenge on the evil demon who sired and abused him. When his father devises a plan to bring on the apocalypse, he and. The epub was nicely formatted (with chapters and everything!) and didn’t have any glaring editing errors. Blood of the Demon by Rosalie Lario.

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I loved the reveal on Keegan’s genetic background, BTW.

Did I want to get more of Keegan and his world? I liked the characters, though. But it was just something about these two that didn’t completely blow my mind together. I loved the unique presentation of demons, angels, and their roles in the universe. However, demons are not inherently evil, nor do they all conform to the physical characteristics that humans have liked to categorize them with. The romantic plot, unfortunately, demom probably my least favorite part — though it was still good!

It also prevented Mammon from getting the page time to develop into a villain that should be truly feared – despite the known evil of his character. Rulers of Darkness Box Set. I think it could. She uses demom other power to ‘read’ the memories that are held in his necklace and is shocked by the life that Keegan had as a child.

Brynn, after all, is the key. Please review your cart. She can touch an object and sense the history surrounding it, and she can drain the energy of others if she tries. Sons of Sangue Volume 1 Box Set. Then, to screw it up when you’re writing the book and making that big secret to be some “big surprise” between Brynn and Keegan and slip up like that Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. I thought making them gritty would add edge, but she never tthe there.


Learning about the different species did pick things back up again but I can’t say if it was enough rosapie guarantee I’d be back for the second installment in this series. Once Brynn is found, an instant attraction if formed and Keegan may be forced to choose between ths woman he cares for and the only chance to stop a madman from ot over all worlds. Brynn, an unsuspecting woman living her daily life.

View all 3 comments. They’ve been tasked to track Brynn down because of her special heritage. Lxrio, the whole mess about whether Keegan gives in pario his attraction or stays resolute so he can kill her seemed protracted and repetitive for a good part of the book, and too much of Mammon’s activities and everyone else’s go on behind the scenes, so any progress he makes towards his grim goal was always startling for its abruptness when it was revealed.

Book Review of Blood of the Demon by Rosalie Lario | A Bookworms Haven

It was so easy to hate Mammon. Blood of Demoon Demon is a very good read which I genuinely enjoyed reading. Notify me of new comments via email. Blood of the Demon Demons of Infernum Author s: They barely have time to catch their breath while they are fighting for their lives, and each other. It was just thrown in there This is a C read for me.


Blood of the Demon

Brynn Meyers is a not so cemon woman with a small art gallery in New York City. They tell her about Mammon, the Book of the Dead and the zombie army that he is planning on raising with her help but Brynn seems to struggle with the concept as it seems too farfetched. Brynn is strong, and kick arse and Brave. This is the case where Yhe almost think I should just paste my notes that I took while I was reading the book.

Want to Read saving…. There’s just something about a broody alpha male that makes me all mushy for some reason. Plus, he’s half fey so that means the next book should be quite sausy.

I liked that all of the guys had several dimensions. Sometimes, this book felt like a draft versus a published novel. That is until he plants a fiver upside her jaw.

But when Keegan sacrifices himself to keep Brynn safe, will she be able to let him go, or risk everything for a chance at love? Desert Kings Boxed Set Books Keegan and his brothers have been assigned to stop their father from starting the apocalypse but in order to do so Keegan must protect the one person that holds the key to everything. The Ghe Prince Series, Books It’s an interesting plot with great characters to flesh it out.