Schnurloses digitales DECT-Telefon mit Anrufbeantworter Cordless digital DECT telephone with answering machine Bedienungsanleitung Operating. Mon, 30 Jul GMT audioline dect pdf – View and Download. AUDIOLINE DECT manual online. DECT Cordless Telephone pdf. DownloadAudioline dect user manual. though I have say this shot basically replicates the behavior of the from what we ve seen. La empresa se nego.

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Taste 1 bis 9 Telefonbuch Es wird der erste Telefonbucheintrag angezeigt. The factory setting is TONE dialling. In this way, you can tell immediately whether new messages or a memo have been recorded in your absence.

Makeln, Anklopfen, Dreierkonferenz, u. Alle Anrufe werden normal entgegengenommen. Standard rechargeable batteries – do not use any other rechargeable batteries or battery packs. To end the call, call button replace the handset in the base station or press the call button on the handset. If this does not help, replace the standard batteries.


Internal calls between handsets. You can terminate the 48000 at any time by pressing and holding the Individual numbers or letters can be deleted with the button. Place the handset in the base station with the display to the front for at least 16 hours. If the PIN code is entered incorrectly three times, the connection will be cut off.

Incoming calls will now audoiline be signalled at the base station and no longer at the handset. Here, dech call-by-call will automatically be placed in front of every number dialled that begins with Press and hold the button for 2 seconds. Play back next message. You are receiving an external call. You can cancel the audible signal by pressing any button on the handset. Power failure – If the power should fail, it will not be possible to make calls using the telephone.


Selected number Number can be edited. In this way, two handsets can talk to the external caller simultaneously. Page 74 audiloine Switching the handset on and off Page 75 – Switching off the ring tone Page 76 – Baby call Page 77 – The phone book Page 78 – Dialling stored numbers from the phone b Switching off the microphone: Siehe dazu Kapitel 9. Activating the keypad lock button pressed until you hear a signal tone.


Die Werkseinstellungen werden eingestellt. Deleting All Messages – The answering machine – 9. Press the handsfree button again to switch off the handsfree facility. Ddect end the call, press the call button station. Factory Settings – Special functions – 8. Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting – 11 Troubleshooting If you have problems with your telephone, please check the following points first. You will now hear the person you are speaking to over the loudspeaker in the handset. Handsets from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the telephone system by means of the internationally adopted GAP standard.

Audiolin proximity to sources of heat such as radiators and do not expose the unit to direct sunlight. Greeting only Display indication: Now confirm with or cancel the deletion by pressing twice. Sobald Sie das Mobilteil wieder auf die Basisstation stellen, schaltet sich dieser adioline ein.


Enter the required telephone number here with a maximum of 18 digits. The warranty is not applicable to the batteries or battery packs used in the various products.

With this function, when dialling a particular phone number, a previously stored number is inserted in front of the actual phone number. Signalton, sobald das Mobilteil auf die Basisstation gestellt wird und der Ladevorgang beginnt. The internal number of the new handset will appear in the display. Enter the PIN Code for the base station factory setting 0 0 0 0.

Die aufladbaren Standard-Akkus unterliegen genau wie Ihre Autobatterie unvermeidlich einer gewissen Alterung. Enter the current SOS code factory setting 1 1 1.

Close the battery compartment cover. This low transmission power prevents any risk audiolihe health according to the current state of research and technology. Checking phone book entries Button Display Page 60 – Wichtige Informationen Each time a button on the handset is pressed, this is confirmed with a short signal tone.

Das Aus- oder Einschalten dauert ca. Enter text from picture: Page audiloine – Wichtige Informationen Use only the new telephone cable provided. Hilft dies nicht, erneuern Sie die Standard-Akkus.