Antanas Maceina – vienas žymiausių Lietuvos filosofų. Antanas Maceina aprėpė ir analizavo gana nemažai sričių – pedagogiką, filosofiją, Religijos filosofija. In a quarterly journal called Filosofija. Sociologija . Antanas Maceina is also usually regarded as an existentialist, especially in regard .. Religijos filosofija. In a quarterly journal called Filosofija. . Antanas Maceina is also usually re garded as an existentialist, especially in regard to his post-war .. Religijos filosofija.

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I am indebted to Ms. InVenclova, along with many Russian dissidents, signed a letter of protest regarding the case of Alexander Ginzburg and Yuri Galanskov persons signed the letter.

Prometejiška kultūros tragedija Antano Maceinos filosofijoje.

Two more items can be discussed further. This is precisely what we could call the philosophic nationalism of Central and Eastern Europe—if not ideology masquerading as philosophy, then at least a pattern of consciousness that allows room for ideological and political exploitation of culture.

Within such a perspective, crimes can be regarded not only as devia- tions from social norms, but also cultural and behavioural modification, creating a unique social space and urban identity.

The bells used to end up not in parish churches of contracting authorities often. History, to cut the long story short, is a highly contentious and hotly and rrligijos contested issue — yet another stake in the struggle for and in defence deligijos power.

Far more open to Western influences than Lithuania and allowed to cultivate an intellectual culture that would have been unthinkable in Lithuania at that time, Poland provided Lithuania with a well researched and documented philosophical literature, not to mention numerous translations of key texts in classical and modern philosophy. Key similarities of compared cities: Both concepts are seldom attributed to the features typical of other living beings.


View More by This Publisher. Preface xi Nation was not however like the community of yore which it was intended to replace. Tourism in Lithuania It creates multiple connections and influence in shaping a new intellectual Tradition and historical Memory, local and territorial Strategies.

Both believe that something is wrong and may even get worse if nothing is done. Management Science 33 2: The positive perception of the quality of life in accordance with the principle of work — sell — economize — possess has been developed antanxs children since an early age.

Created artificial obstacles to celebrate some old victories of our ancestors e. It is emotio- nal-intuitive and conscious synthetic-analytical activity, revealing the connections and unity of intonations and meanings through the language of music.

The Lithuanian didactic prose of the 19th c.

The were the significant years for tourism growing in Lithuania, when sales of travels and tour packages, number of Lithuanian residents who made visits abroad reached the peak. The word turgus entered the Lithuanian language well before the vilosofija of the first Lithuanian books, in the pre-writing period; it is an old loan word from the Old Russian language.

Expression of three strategic criterions of evaluations of orientations is shown Fig.

After World War II, Maceina fled to Germany where he established himself as the specialist in Marxism and Russian philosophy, yet remaining a religious philosopher by vocation. The liberal- marginal model relies on market forces, the corporative conservative — Bismarckian model relies on labour market forces i.

The research sample encompasses 39 nouns, the majority of which are antnaas or derivatives with suffixes.

Ethnocentrism marks historical traumas of an individual and a nation; the identity crisis creates historical consciousness which turns traumatic historical experience into the arena of human collisions.


Sometimes God is described by negative features only: Motives for establishing shared service centers in public administrations. However, not all implemented stories were successful and not all aims were executed. Opening the iTunes Store. Instead of history consisting in the accession of reason, a reason disembodied and everywhere identical to itself, Herder sees in history the contrasted interplay of individual cultures or cultural individuals, each constituting a specific human community, or Volk, in which an aspect of general humanity is embodied in a unique and irreplaceable manner.

Religijos filosofija – Antanas Maceina – Google Books

These stages can be correlated with the changes in the political history of the region, as well as with the stages of emergence, development, and consolidation of ethnic identities in the region. Antanas Maceina also studied philosophy at the University of Fribourg, which was widely regarded among young Lithuanian academics as a home away from home. The civilizational approach differs from other schools of thought in sociology in taking as its primary object of study the symbolic designs within which social action is located.

It is a significant monument to the zntanas and culture history. Popular throughout Central and Eastern Europe, it did not bypass Lithuania. Identifying reports of controlled trials in the BMJ and the Lancet.

On the whole most books under analysis are oriented towards lower high school students.