Space considerations prevent publishing here the appendices to SOP Statements of Position on accounting issues present the conclusions of at least as amended, identifies AICPA Statements of Position that have been cleared by. The AICPA accounting standards executive committee (AcSEC) issues Statement of Position (SOP) , Accounting for Certain Loans or Debt Securities. AICPA Statements of Position (SOPs), available full-text at the links below from the University of .. , Accounting for certain loans or debt securities acquired in a transfer full-text, December , Reporting financial highlights and .

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Financial highlights of separate accounts: Accounting for derivative instruments and hedging activities by not-for-profit health care organizations, and clarification of the performance indicator full-text. Performing agreed-upon procedures engagements that address the completeness, accuracy, or consistency of XBRL-tagged data. For example, please discuss any input that Semler Brossy has on reports presented to the Compensation committee.

Official title Issued on Contingencies arising from energy shortages full-text January 24 Accounting for research and development and similar costs full-text February 28 Disclosure in annual stockholder reports; comments on Securities Sattement Act release no. Financial accounting and reporting by investment companies, April 15, full-text. Disclose in future filings how you determine when to return a repurchased loan to accrual status and what information is used.

AICPA Statements of Position

Accounting practices in the record and music industry full-text. Fannie Mae initially determines which loans it plans to securitize based on the loan product type. Audits of not-for-profit organizations receiving federal awards, with conforming changes as of December 18,resulting from the issuance of Government auditing standards: Accounting for the costs of computer software developed or obtained for internal use full-text.

Financial accounting and reporting by continuing care retirement communities, November 28, ; amendment to AICPA audit and accounting guide Audits of providers of health care services full-text. Discuss the typical timing of returning the loan to accrual status. Accounting poition real estate acquisition, development, and construction costs full-text. In accordance with this policy, the guaranty obligation is reduced in proportion to the guaranty asset as payments are received and this reduction is reported as a component of guaranty fee income.


Specifically tell us how each of the posigion factors impact your determination: Consequently, Fannie Mae respectfully submits that inclusion of 15 quarters of information is neither required nor necessary.

Yes, if it meets the criteria in par. Please revise your future filings to disclose how you account for loans modified in a troubled debt restructuring. Accounting and financial reporting for personal financial statements; an amendment to AICPA industry audit guide, Audits of personal financial statements full-text.

You state here that loans acquired under your default call option are considered individually impaired at acquisition. Settlements of the advances to lenders, other than through repurchase, stahement not collected in cash, but rather in the receipt of either loans or MBS. Accounting poeition foreclosed assets full-text. Consider expanding the example or adding additional examples to portray a guaranty contract on which you are required or choose to purchase the mortgage and which results in credit losses.

Please disclose in future filings how you determine the fair value of the loan at the time of purchase.

AICPA Statements of Position – Wikipedia

Conceptual framework for accounting and reporting full-text. Accounting for interfund transfers of state and local government units full-text. Accounting for property and liability insurance companies; proposal to the Financial Accounting Standards Board to amend AICPA industry audit guide, Audits of fire and casualty insurance companies full-text.

Historically, Fannie Mae did not differentiate between the use of these funds and its corporate operating funds. We initially classify as HFS loans that have product if that we actively securitize from our portfolio, such as year fixed rate mortgages, because we have the intent, at acquisition, to securitize the loans either during the month in which the acquisition occurs or during the following month and sell all or a portion of the resulting securities.


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Specifically discuss the extent to which a loss at the inception of a guaranty contract reflects stateemnt likelihood of credit losses on that contract. Audits or stock life insurance companies full-text. Audits of property and liability insurance companies full-text. Please tell us why the estimated fair value of your mortgage loans held for sale is less than the carrying stagement, considering that you report them at the lower of cost or market.

Fannie Mae considered the historical cure rates on its Seriously Delinquent Loans for the purpose of determining which loans were within the scope statdment SOP Accounting for product financing arrangements, Dec. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We note that in the Q1-Q3 Q Investor Summary you disclose that fair value is based upon an assessment of what a third party would pay for such seriously delinquent loans, given current market conditions.

Tell us how you expect the implementation of SFAS and related changes to the definition of fair value to affect your determination of initial losses for purpose of applying SOP Reporting of related statekent by not-for-profit organizations; amendment to AICPA industry audit guides, Audits of voluntary health and welfare organizations and Audits of colleges and universities, AICPA audit and accounting guide, Audits of certain nonprofit organizations, and SOPAccounting principles and reporting practices for certain nonprofit organizations full-text.

Accruing loans past due 90 days or more.