Mercury Sable Owner’s Manual Get Mercury Sable PDF manuals and user guides, View all Mercury Sable manuals. Download the Mercury Sable PDF owners manual below. The Mercury The Sable was discontinued after but brought back in View and Download Mercury Sable owner’s manual online. Mercury Sable Sable Automobile Mercury Sable Owner’s Manual. ( pages).

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For Emissions Defect and Emissions Performance Warranties, detailed description of what is covered and what is not covered, refer, the Warranty Guide that is provided to you along with your Owner’s, service data recorders in your vehicle are capable collecting. Page 78 Locks and Security 2. Wrap the vinyl around the roller tube twice.

Refer to Lubricant specifications in this chapter. Several air bag system components get hot after inflation.

2005 Mercury Sable – Owner’s Manual (248 pages)

Maintenance and Specifications The traction manuql assigned to this tire is based on straight-ahead braking traction tests, and does not include acceleration, cornering, hydroplaning or peak traction characteristics. In this guide, answers to such questions are contained in comments highlighted by the warning triangle symbol. Page Driving To put your vehicle in P Park: Page 90 Seating and Safety Restraints Adjusting the front power seat if equipped The control is located on the outboard side of the seat cushion.

Driving If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow, it may be rocked out by shifting from forward and reverse gears, stopping between shifts in a steady pattern. Do not release the buttons until step 4 has been completed. Page 40 Lights 5.


What the Board needs To have your case reviewed you must complete the application in the DSB brochure and mail it to the address provided on the application form. Customer Assistance from Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealership management, recognized for their business leadership qualities. If your vehicle is equipped with the column shift and a bench seat, it has a center console in the center front seating position.

Ford Taurus Mercury Sable 1996-2005 Haynes Repair Manual

To reduce risk of electrical shock, always replace the cover to the Power Distribution Box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs. Seating and Safety Restraints How do the air bag supplemental restraints work? A garage door which cannot detect an object, signaling the door to stop and reverse, does not meet current U.

Indicates engine coolant temperature. The doors will lock, then unlock, to confirm that the programming mode has been activated.

Download the Mercury Sable Owners Manual PDF

Do not park, idle, or drive your vehicle in dry grass or other dry ground cover. Hitches Do not use hitches that clamp onto the vehicle bumper.

Take your foot off the accelerator pedal. To lengthen the belt, turn the tongue at a right angle to the belt and pull across your lap until it reaches the buckle. Page Seating and Safety Restraints Never let a passenger hold a child on his or her lap while the vehicle is moving.


Safety Restraints Seating and Safety Restraints To close the seat, make sure the safety belts are properly stowed, then lift the remote latch release and push the seat down until it latches. Carefully position the headlamp assembly onto the vehicle. Vehicle Loading Driving If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow, it may be rocked out by shifting from forward and reverse gears, stopping between shifts in a steady pattern.

The filter is located just in front of the windshield under the cowl grille on the passenger side of the vehicle. Locks and Security 9. Driving GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating — is the maximum allowable weight of the fully loaded vehicle including all options, equipment, passengers and cargo.

Mercury Sable | Owner’s Manual

Only Customer Assistance 3. It is recommended that your vehicle be towed with a wheel lift or flatbed equipment. Clip the tether strap to the anchor as shown. This net is not designed to restrain objects during a collision. For parts or not working.